Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Dunedin

Arrived back at the Cable Court after a traversing the Bay Road back into Dunedin. Can't seem to work out the fuel gauge on the car so decided to call in and fill up just to make sure. $13.26! Oh well, better to be sure than sorry. Having a bit of rest now before we head up town to the Octagon for the New Years Eve celebrations. It's been a BIG day - but really great. Not sure if we will manage to see the New Year in as we have another big day planned for tomorrow. See how we go.
What a great way to welcome in the New Year! The New Year's Eve celebrations at the Octagon started rather slowly but by 11.30 p.m. the place was packed. After a couple of drinks at a kerbside cafe overlooking the centre stage we decided to check out the various food stalls which lined the Octagon. Had the best Rogan Josh and Vegetable Samosas I have ever tasted whilst listening to some of Dunedin's best bands. New Years was welcomed in with an amazing fireworks display. The city put on a fantastic show! Not sure whether it was the fact that it was the first New Years I have actually "seen in" in 10 years (or not)but we both really enjoyed the night. The crowd quickly dispersed at midnight and we found ourselves in a large crowd of people walking home in the brisk hours of Friday morning. Called into a 24 hour corner store on the way home to pick up breakfast for tomorrow. I'm sure we will sleep well tonight.

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