Friday, April 9, 2010


Watching Micky and Buffy this morning reminded me of that old song "wherever you go -whatever you do - we're going to go through it TOGETHER."
They are such good friends and being home with them for the last week makes me realise just how much they look out for each other. They are also incredibly naughty together!

They just love me being home on holidays and especially love being able to access the front garden when I'm out there gardening and trimming. This morning I repotted a heap of bromeliads which I have been wanting to do for weeks. Some of them were so water logged from all the rain we have had. Buffy decided that she was going to dig a HUGE hole in the driveway. At one stage they were both there digging away together. Would have made a great photograph!
All the exercise must have made them pretty tired because they spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing. They love the cooler weather and at last Micky has stopped shedding his last year's winter coat. Thank goodness - only a couple of "tumbleweeds" a day now!

Whilst on the subject of "snoozing" - Dixie has the art of relaxation all sewn up! Which is the cat and which is the chair?

Good News of the Day : Have finally finished painting my new kookaburra house sign.

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