Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Made the trip to Innisfail today as I had some beautiful yellow roses which I wanted to take to Mum.   It was also an opportunity to visit the gravesites of Dad, Gary, Nan and Pop.  So many of my family laid to rest in the Innisfail Cemetery.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss Mum and wish that she was still here with us.  I wonder if I will ever lose the terrible ache I feel in my heart.  
On the way home we decided to drive down to Flying Fish Point for lunch.  This is something Matthew and I do when he is home and really enjoy sitting on the deck of the cafe overlooking the ocean.  It was a surprise to find the cafe completely booked out for a Mothers day lunch.   Flying Fish Point is normally such a sleepy little beachside community - it was strange to see so many people there.   
Took the back road home via the old Jubilee Highway and stopped at the lookout to take a photo of Innisfail and the Johnstone River.  

Also took a photo of the Cairn at the lookout commemorating the discovery of Innisfail in 1880.  It's original name was Geraldton however was changed to avoid confusion with the town of the same name in Western Australia.

It is always a sad feeling for me going back to Innisfail.  I remember (so vividly) growing up in this area and how much I loved the town and the surrounding area.   Nowdays it looks so different.  The township looks dirty and unkept and so different from the prosperous sugar town of the 60's.
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