Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Polar Dream

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My friend Liz gave me this inspiring book to read about Helen Thayer who walked and skied for 27 days in the Arctic pulling a 160 pound sled for 364 miles to become the first woman (at age 50) to travel on foot to the magnetic North Pole. I actually started casually reading it on Friday evening however by Saturday afternoon I was totally hooked! Couldn't put it down. Not only was I full of admiration for her unwavering motivation and discipline but it was also a tremendous account of the the relationship and bonding which developed between her and her Inuit dog Charlie. Here was Charlie, a work dog who had never been treated like a pet or a partner and learned for the first time how to bond with a human. I really loved how at the start of the trip he slept outside the tent but by the end of the journey he was sharing her sleeping bag. Reminds me of a couple of other "working dogs" I know!
I am currently reading the sequel "Three Among Wolves" and like Polar Dream it is hard to put down.
Stories like these are so inspirational and just go to show that it doesn't matter what your age - if you have the will and determination to achieve nothing will stop you.

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