Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Bed

This is the bed in the showroom - not exactly the same as mine but close to.
Made the trip into Harvey Normans to pick up my new bed. I saw it in their bedding showroom a couple of months ago and knew instantly - it was the bed for me! White/timber slats with chunky headboard and small tapered footer. Perfect for my new shabby chic bedroom. We have had our old bed for 28 years so thought it was about time for a change. My old bed was a true classic in its time. Solid brass railings/bedknobs and beautiful hand-painted ceramic inserts. For as long as I can remember I had always wanted a brass bed and in its day it was a real feature in my bedroom. We have heaps of old photos of the old bed - usually with kids or dogs draped over it. In fact for the first 3 years of each of the kid's lives - they spent ALL their sleeping hours in the old bed. Will I ever forget! It was like a game of tag that went on for 10 years! Over the years the brass has become tarnished and the ceramic inserts have disappeared (either cracked or broken) and unfortunately it is now a shadow of its former self. (Bit like me really!)
Quite like the look of this as well - think they would go well with my new bed.  Also like the look of that towel rail thingy - would be a good place for Alan to hang his belt/shirt etc.
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For the moment however the new bed will have to stay dismantled in the spare bedroom whilst I finish the process of painting and redecorating the main bedroom. Hopefully will be able to get this done in the next couple of weeks. Will take some Before and After photos to record the transformation. I am SOO looking forward to crawling into my nice white new bed and not rolling into the "valley" in the middle. Micky and Buffy have both eyed off the new bed with arrogant contempt particularly as I have told them quite firmly that their days of bed snoozing are fast coming to an end! "We'll see about that...." says Alan. Hmm.....

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