Thursday, April 29, 2010

Timberlea Trail

Checked out another walking track not far from school. Again, not sure of the name of the track however it roughly follows Blackfellow Creek from the bottom end of Bicentennial Drive and ends up at the back of Timberlea - so I have called the track "Timberlea Trail". At the start of the year I put a poster up in the staffroom seeking interested people to join our "walking group". There were about 7 (or so) work colleagues who inidcated that they would like to be involved however over the weeks, the numbers have slowly dwindled. I think what might have contributed to the downturn in numbers was the very first walk we did to Behana Gorge - in the midst of a severe electrical storm! I have never been one to be particularly concerned about thunder and lightning however this storm was something else. Some of the lightning strikes were only metres away from the walking track. Obviously some of the group decided that it was all a little bit too close for comfort and they would give the "walking group" a miss.

On this particular walk there were just the three of us, Julie, Liz and myself. We started off at a gentle pace, following the course of the creek and checking out some nice suburban gardens along the way. It's interesting the things you chat about whilst walking with friends. Liz is an absolute travel nut and it was great to hear about all the places around the world that she has visited. Some of these are on my list of "Places to Visit Before you Die" so it was great to get a first hand account from this very well travelled lady.
After about 1/2 hour of fairly steady walking we reached the end of the track. Everything looks so green after the rain we have had and the mountains look beautiful.

On the way back I spotted this fellow sitting on someone's backyard fence.
He seemed quite happy to just sit there and watch us pass by. I have a bit of an affinity with kookaburras and very much associate kookaburras with my Mum. Bizarre I know - however I do get an incredible feeling of "closeness" whenever I spot a kookaburra. I hope we manage to catch up with him next week when we walk the Timberlea Trail with Liz again.

Good News of the Day :    Great to be able to see such beautiful sights so close to home.  I saw a kookaburra!

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