Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Treetop Walk

Checked out another walking track this afternoon with Liz, Julie and "Mr Chips".  We really enjoy finding new places to walk and sights to see.  This particular track is in Lizs' stamping ground at the back of Forest Gardens so she (and Mr Chips) took on the role as our tour leaders.
Bouganvillea in full bloom out the front of Liz's house.  The colours are just magnificent.  Must be in a perfect position.  Liz says it is Bob's favourite plant in the garden.......
A lake (complete with lilypads!) along the way.

Amazing to think that this beautiful little water feature is in the middle of suburbia.
"The Bridge Keeper" - not sure how much ($) the bridge toll is but I'm keeping an eye on this fellow.  That beak looks pretty sharp!

Mr Chips leading the way.  "Come on you guys - keep up!"
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Ok Liz - "smile for the camera"!
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