Friday, June 4, 2010

Winter has arrived in FNQ

Well,  winter has finally arrived in Far North Queensland.  There is definitely a slight crispness in the air and the days are getting shorter.   My garden "loves" the cooler weather and everything is starting to burst into bloom.  In the next month of so those trees in the background will loose their leaves and we will be able to get a great view down through the valley.
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The Poinsettia is a mass of red blooms and adds a real splash of colour to the back garden.

Even the Ixora is coming into bloom.  In a couple of weeks this will be covered in masses of red blooms.  The Ulysses butterflys love this bush and every day I see the flutter of their brilliant blue wings in between the leaves.

The beautiful colours of Cryptanthus "IT".  It looks particularly stunning in the terracotta pot which I painted in a Pink tuscan paint finish.  Almost a perfect match!

The beautiful mountains at the back of the house.  I never get tired of this view.
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  1. I also planted so many herbs in my garden. Planning to plant mint, lavender, rosemary and the other herbs. This is one of the plant which does 't need so many care, I plant it and takes time to grow.


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