Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anyone for Drinks?

One of the things I love about being at home on holidays is having the time to browse through  thrift and decorating shops looking for interesting pieces of furniture.  On one of my expeditions this week I managed to find this gorgeous  "Drinks table" on sale.   Now I don't really see why? it was called a "drinks table" -however  I think it looks perfect in the corner of my new bedroom.   I am now on the lookout for a cute table lamp to finish it off.
My holidays are fast coming to an end - back to work on Monday.   I am really happy with all the jobs I have managed to get done.  Bedroom painted and new flooring laid;  new bed installed;  revamp of old chest of drawers.  The bedroom is still a bit of a work in progress - new bedspread on its way, floor rug to be found; white timber shutters for 1/2 window and some artwork (which I am currently in the process of painting) for the space above the bed.  However, all in all I feel quite chuffed with what I have achieved.
Still to come :  New quilt;  white timber shutters;  floor rug;  lamp; and artwork above bed!
The red check cushion was another bargain find - $10!  It looks a bit "odd" here but it will go perfectly with my new quilt and linen.  Dixie Chick loves the "new look" bedroom as well.   I will post updates as soon as I can although I am not going to have the time I have had over the past couple of weeks to primp and preen at my leisure.  If only I didn't have to work,  I could I restyle a room every fortnight!   I can but dream........


  1. Oh it's gorgeous.. and so is your darling cat. Hi Puss! A-M xx

  2. Love your drinks table and your bedroom revamp is looking fabulous:) You have achieved so much on your break, you must be thrilled! Happy first day back at work tomorrow ~ Tina x


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