Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Dixie Chick

Just how much does Dixie Chick LOVE having her photo taken!  It constantly amazes me just how many comfy spots she can find around the house.  She never seems to stay in the same spot more than 2 days in a row although this particular spot (on the cushions of my sofa) seems to have been "flavour of the week."  I have had to drape a bit of a throw sheet over it for protection.  (I absolutely love my cream linen sofa - but it is HIGH maintenance with our menagerie!). 
"I think I'll just park myself here for a bit whilst you blog away........."
"This looks like an interesting spot to snooze ......"
"Ah yes, these upside down chairs are perfect for me to rest my chin on......"

"Here's another white sofa to shed some fur on........."

Another miserable, drizzly day here in Far North Queensland.  Have had to give the mountain climbing a miss this weekend.  At least I have been able to spend some time on the painting I am doing for my bedroom.  Perfect weather for a spot of painting!  The mountain will be there next week........

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