Sunday, September 19, 2010

What if you had a Party and No-one Came?

Cup cakes and scones - yum!
Today Kendall decided to have a tea party.  Fabulous excuse to bring out Nanny's beautiful bone china teaset;   make yummy cupcakes, fairy bread, scones with jam and cream;  and invite a few girl friends over for a Sunday afternoon "catch up".     It was also the perfect opportunity for her to give her little Granny flat a bit of a lick and polish!   Kendall has many wonderful qualities but domesticity is not one of them.   I get REALLY excited when she starts making plans to entertain - it's not the fact that she makes THE BEST cup cakes I have ever tasted - it's just that I know her Granny flat is going to be vacuumed and the sink cleared of the 3 weeks accumulation of dishes which never seem to make it past the drainer.  Not sure what it is about Gen Y.... somehow incidentals like have a tidy/organised living space is not a priority for them.   How many times have I heard - "Oh Mum - you're just OCD about cleaning!"  Ummm.......I don't think so.   I just like things to be tidy and hygenic clean.

Kendall and Mandy sharing tea
  First to arrive was Miss Mandy.   Kendall and Mandy have been friends since High School however for the past couple of years Mandy has been living and working in Brisbane whilst Kendall has been at Uni in Cairns.  It was lovely to see her again.   Whilst waiting for the other guests to arrive they decide to test out the bone china tea cups.

Oh good! - a photo of me not wearing sweaty exercise gear
 I decide to give them a test as well.  There's nothing like drinking tea from small bone china tea cups particularly if it's real leaf tea.  So much better than teabags!   The table looked amazing and the food scrumptious.   All we had to do was wait for the  guests to arrive. 

Look at those cup cakes!  The diet starts tomorrow.

So we waited...... and waited.......4 o'clock came and then 4.30 ...... where were they?    Three cups of tea later Kendall receives a call to say that there has been an car accident on the range road and that her guests have been caught up in traffic backlog.   Fortunately it doesn't appear that anyone has been injured however because there is only one access road to our place there is nothing else they can do but to just sit and wait.    So what do you do when you give a party and no-one comes?  

 Rope in some ring ins of course!

One lump or two?
 At last the road is cleared and Kendall's friends arrive.  Nothing like sharing a cup of tea (or five!) with good friends.  A perfect ending to the weekend.

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