Saturday, October 9, 2010

Longing for a Farmhouse Bench

Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine
For as long as I can remember I have wanted a farmhouse bench - just like these beautiful ones here from Country Living magazine.   For years I have looked high and low just hoping one day to stumble across a lovely little bench hidden away somewhere - maybe in the back of  a second hand shop or  even on the side of the road ready for Council pickup.  I didn't really care what condition it was in - in fact the more battered the better.  However long and hard as I looked - it would seem that my dream of owning a farmhouse bench was never going to eventuate. 
Photo courtesy of Country Living Magazine
It took me a long time to come terms with the fact that there was not One Single Farmhouse Bench in Far North Queensland.  I came to the conclusion that the pioneers who settled in this part of Australia  didn't need creature comforts like wooden benches to sit on.  Maybe they were just happy to pull up an old kerosene tin or sit on a tree stump.   Or perhaps those that were made had been snapped up long ago by others like me with a serious farmhouse bench obsession or (heaven forbid!) broken up and used for firewood.
So imagine my excitement when the lovely Tina at Rubies Place did a little posting about her Farmhouse Bench obsession and included a link to the amazing Ana White at Knock Off Wood on how to go about making one.  A kindred spirit and better still ~ a kindred spirit WITH PLANS and INSTRUCTIONS!   I pondered over the diagrams for a couple of days.  It looked easy enough and really ~ could it be any more difficult than the Pirate lego ship I built for Adam back in 1987?  I think not.
So with materials list in hand and cordless drill on charge I headed off to my local Bunnings store where I picked up all the materials needed for the project for just $25 and set about the task of making my own farmhouse bench.  

I  measured (and measured again!).  Drilled and counter sank.  Screwed and glued.

A jigsaw is the only way to go!
I wasn't even daunted when a wayward handsaw decided to do its own thing and resulted in a nasty gash to my hand.  I REFUSED to give up!  I was like a woman possessed ~ I had been waiting 34 years for a farmhouse bench.  Nothing was going to stop me now.  

My tools of trade

"What do you mean you want me to get off this comfy little bench?"
Look how well those screws are lined up!  Even Dolly P was impressed. On went a base coat of blue and then I took to it with the hammer - bashing and scraping - drilling little worm holes with the cordless drill. I must admit - it did seem a rather bizarre thing to do. However all part of the Ana's faux distressing technique. Next came the top coat - red (of course!) and a bit of a rub back with sandpaper to the blue base. 

A base coat of blue

Finally it was finished!

"What does a cat have to do to get a bit of sleep around this place?"

So - here it is.  My cute little red farmhouse bench now sits proudly at the foot of my bed.  I am just SO happy with the way it turned out and think it sets off my room quite nicely.   I dare say it will probably end up becoming a bit of a dumping ground for discarded clothes and shoes - but hey, I don't really care.  I have FINALLY got my bench and I couldn't be happier.   

OK - "So you want me to be in this picture?"

"Do you think I could make it on the cover of Country Style magazine?"

 I have also developed a serious "building" bug and am already checking out Ana's site for other projects I can tackle ~ Armoires.....farmhouse tables.......chairs...... the possibilities are endless.  Thank you once again to all those fabulous bloggers who are a constant source of inspiration and are a true reflection of that old adage - "There is NOTHING that a woman can't do!"


  1. Woo hoo!!!
    What a fabulous job!!!!
    I love it, your bedroom looks amazing & so does your farm house bench. Thats heaps cooler than a lego pirate ship!
    you must be sooo proud of yourself, I bet you can't stop going into your bedroom & smiling at both your bench & beautiful new pillow shams!
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. WOW!!!! This bench is fabulous and I LOVE it:) I am so glad that you got to make it during your break. You have done an amazing job and definitely inspired me to get mine done! It looks amazing at the bottom of your bed, you should be grinning with pride....AWESOME job!!! ~ Tina xx

  3. gorgeous indeed..i have good news for you..YOU ARE A WINNER ! email me, Mel xxx

  4. Wow, look at you go! What a great job you did, you clever thing. You should be so proud of your efforts, the bench looks amazing! K xx

  5. I love the bench you made and you got to do my favorite thing — use power tools. Isn't it fun? You room looks beautify and the cat really finishes off the photos. Good job!

  6. lovely and that hit of red is perfect!

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  8. Wow! You *made* it!! I'm so impressed! Your quilt on the bed is so beautiful. Please don't tell me you made that too.....or I will seriously have to rethink being friends with you. Haha!


  9. Amazing job. I love the color.


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