Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Dreaming

Five weeks to go to the end of the school term.  Yah!   I am soo looking forward to the Summer holidays  and have already started dreaming about places I would like to visit or things I would like to do.  

For many years, the idea of 6 LONG weeks of school holidays used to fill me with trepidation.  With 3 children it wasn't possible for us to go on holidays every year and so the dreaded "what to do in the holidays dilemma" used to kick in about this time every year.   The first couple of weeks weren't too bad - they would be so excited about all the Christmas hype.   However once Boxing Day came and went and the novelty of Christmas presents had well and truly worn off - well that's when things would start to go downhill fast.  This is when I would start to hear the dreaded "B" word.  I'm BORED!  If only I had a $ for every time I heard the "B" word - well we would have been able to go to Fiji (or some other exotic location) every year!.   My brain would go into overdrive trying to think of ways (that didn't cost a fortune) to entertain them and  keep them from being BORED (and inflicting nasty injuries on each other!)   It's amazing how resourceful you can become when faced with the prospect of 3 BORED children and 3 more weeks of school holidays.   Ah... the memories of it all!

So with school holidays (and bored children) now a dim, distant memory - I am able now able to look forward and make plans for our annual school holidays.  Never being one for lazing beside a Resort pool sipping away on cocktails......   these are some of the ideas I have come up with :

Holiday Idea #1
For as long as I can remember I have romanticised over the idea of riding across the Snowy Mountains and re-tracing the the footsteps of the Man from Snowy River.  Wind in my hair....breathtaking mountain views....trusty steed beneath my loins (not exactly sure if that is where the trusty steed would be?).... The thrill of re-living Australian fork lore.  Three FULL days in the saddle - miles from civilisation in the Australian high country.   Doesn't this just sound amazing?    OK - perhaps the fact that I haven't ridden (seriously) for 30 40 years and I might take a bit of time to regain my horse riding mojo  AND perhaps the fact that there is something in the fine print which states "experienced riders" - well that is hardly a deterrent is it?

And just look at this fabulous accommodation you get to stay in after a FULL day in the saddle.......

Hmm... not sure if the rooms come with en suite?   But Hey..... "roughing it" for 3 days is not going to kill it?

What about this next little gem.....
Holiday Idea #2
Four (4) FULL days walking through the south Island of New Zealand!   Doesn't this look fabulous.  Four  LONG  full days traversing tussock covered plains and climbing majestic mountains (I hope it's not this one in the foreground!) using only the power of your 2 feet.   Blisters....... what blisters? Surely nothing that a couple of packets of Gel Pad Band aids couldn't fix!

And just look at this for accommodation :

Sure, it does look a little bit tiny but hey, we wouldn't need doonas would we?

And finally,
Holiday Idea # 3
Now,  for the life of me I can't understand why Alan baulked at this one?  I couldn't think of anything more perfect than a 2 week trip around Ireland in a gypsy caravan!   Just think - fabulous Irish countryside......miles and miles of quaint country roads.  Only me, him and the horse!   Gout?..... what about your gout?  Nothing that a couple of pints of Guinness wouldn't fix.  What's that I hear you say - "Who is that leading the horse?" ....... well that would be you of course Alan!!"

(Holiday plans are now on hold.      Alan is checking out Resorts in Fiji......stay tuned for further details....)

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  1. He He He, I love it, you definately made me giggle. I would love the horse riding adventure to, but I think I would definately need a spa & a comfy bed at the end of each day, for my weary body & to soothe the aches & pains, LOL!!

  2. Love your post Sharyne. All those holidays sound fantastic to me, anyone of them would do. Lots of adventure and fun. Hope you come up with something soon. Leahx

  3. I love the sounds of the gypsy caravan!! Can't believe school holidays are so near - hope you get to enjoy lots of 'me' time in your break x


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