Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Lit Up!

These past few weeks I have been so inspired reading through all the wonderful Christmas decorating ideas from around the world.   I have particularly loved seeing how my blog friends in the Northern Hemisphere have totally embraced the spirit of Christmas and filled their homes with the most amazing decorations.  Beautiful vintage baubles;  sparkly trees;  cute stockings strung perfectly from holly swathed mantles;  advent calendars;  stunning wreaths.    It has  been so wonderful to experience just how generous they have been in not only sharing their ideas but also providing tutorials on how to re-create some of this magic. 

One such blog friend who constantly inspires me is the very talented Kat from Low Tide High Style.  Not only are Kat and her family the proud owners of three of THE most adorable puppies in the world - her blog is constantly filled with jaw droppingly gorgeous photographs of her beautiful home and the flora and fauna which surrounds it.

So, when I came to look for inspiration for my Christmas decorating this year -  I looked no further than Low Tide High Style!   I absolutely fell in love her window sill decoration that was featured in this post- it just looked like a magical fairyland with all those twinkly little lights.  

Now it's fair to say my thrift store glass lanterns do not hold a candle to Kat's magnificent Maison jars and I certainly do not have her knack of being able to stylize pine cones and starfish - but I am quietly pleased with my little interpretation of the LTHS Christmas window sill!    In fact, I am going to be sorry when Christmas is over and I have to pack it away.   I love standing here at my sparkly window sill looking out past the stripey veranda awning to the garden and valley below.   I could be anywhere in the world!

I would have loved to have included some REAL pine cones in my display but unfortunately pine trees seem to be in short supply here in tropical North Queensland - so I have had to substitute! 

But hey, that's the magic of Christmas isn't it?

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  1. It looks COMPLETELY Christmassy! Well done with the photos. The little lights have come out so well. They're really hard to get right, I find.


  2. Everything looks so beautiful, Sharyne! I LOVE white christmas lights! They make everything seem so magical, don't they? I can't wait 'til we put the tree up this weekend, so I have some in my house, too! The view out your kitchen window looks amazing, btw!
    Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a very merry Christmas!
    Jo :)

  3. Oh my goodness it looks beautiful!! I think that's the most wonderful thing about blogging, we all inspire one another! Your windowsill is truly lovely!

    Thank you!

    Kat :)

  4. Mum, the kitchen looks on fire! Just kidding, it looks great... I love how you get into the christmas spirit - even if it's 40 degrees and all we want to do is sit in the air con :)

    Kendall x

  5. Looks soo pretty I love it & thank yo for the link, Im off to take a peek!!

  6. Love the heart and cinnamon stick garland. If only I had the time to create my own treasures as I used to. If you go along Treetop Drive in Forest Gardens and swing right where the road forks there are pine trees here that usually have pine cones underneath. Happy hunting.

  7. Wow, that was pretty amazing! The light coming from those lamps are pretty cool, and a little nostalgic for me, returning all the happy memories of my childhoos. Thanks for sharing ideas. I'd share this to my Christmas decorations pinterest board if you won't mind. Happy holidays!


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