Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Okay Mr Micky - so what do you think the best thing about the holidays has been?

The yummy left over pork bone that you got to share with Buffy?

The tearing up of all the Christmas paper on Christmas morning?

The extra walks to the river?

The endless number of  "rock" games you have been able to play?

Making friends with Kendall's friend Alan?


Of course ....................  "Being able to sleep in with my best mate Matthew!"


  1. Oh we have two just like that! Now they are too old to share the bed...but only because they can't get up there! The two sight hounds have taken over that job!
    Hope your river is staying down. Queensland is making our little flood look like a spit in the ocean.
    I worry for all those people who have to leave their homes.
    Have a happy New Year xo J

  2. That looks like one happy puppy! Don't they just love when their kids come home? Mine are getting a walk in just a minute, which is long overdue. It has been raining, not drizzling but a torrential downpour for two weeks. Southern Californians don't know what to do when this happens and neither do their dogs!


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