Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Little Cupboard Makeover

Summer holidays came to an end last week.  Each year I find it harder and harder to gather up the energy (and motivation) to return to work - particularly after 5 weeks holiday. 

I absolutely love being a homebody.   I love nothing better than getting up in the morning and tackling all the jobs and various projects I have set myself to complete over the 5 week break.  Some days, I can't even finish my task list and end up having to carry jobs over to the next day.   Some people might think this is not a very relaxing way to spend a holiday - but for me, it is bliss!

Here is the little cupboard I "found" when I did the mammoth de-cluttering of my shed.  Remember - it was sitting up a pile of empty paint tins!  Why on earth I kept empty paint tins - I will never know?

I'm not exactly sure where this little cupboard originally came from?  I do know that in its former life it was used as a first aid cabinet but I think it was relegated to the shed when I painted the kitchen a couple of years ago.

So after a bit of a wipe over with sugar soap and a  good clean with a wire brush (to remove the wasp nests which had been built in the corners) it was time for a light sand and a couple of new magnetic fasteners for the doors. 

A coat of white paint later and smidgen of  subtle distressing and here we have it! 

I'm pretty happy with my cute little cupboard.  It now has pride of place in my kitchen and is ready to begin it's new life as a spice cabinet.   Such a thrill to be able to breathe new life back into an (almost forgotten) old friend!


  1. That looks lovely. I can't believe (unless I scroll back tot eh before!) that you've only just painted it - it looks perfectly aged.

    I'm starting to see that you're one of those people that's just good at anything you put your hand to!

    And so lovely too.

    Grrr. :-)


  2. WOW Sharyn, looks like you have been very busy over the holidays. Your liitle cupboards looks fantastic.
    Happy positively decluttered new year to you!!!

  3. What a great find hidden away in your shed - such a cute little cupboard.

    There's a little blogging award for you over at my blog...


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