Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're going to build an ARK!

Is this rain EVER going to stop?
Here it is Day 3 and we are still marooned the other side of the mighty Mulgrave.   Fortunately the river levels dropped a couple of hours yesterday afternoon which allowed us to make a quick dash into town to pick up some much needed supplies. 

Things were looking a bit grim in the pantry department - although I'm sure I could have concocted something with baked beans, coconut cream and three bean mix!

At least the power has stayed on!

Mother Nature certainly has no regard for the necessities of modern life.   Here it is 2011 and I feel like the pioneers who settled this valley 150 years ago.  They would have experienced exactly what we are going through at the moment - completely cut off from civilisation.   Thank goodness for the Internet!

Not only am I able to check the river heights on the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) site (without having to actually go down to the river to see).........

But I'm also able to check out some really useful sites with excellent instructions on how to build one of these :

Wish me Luck!

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  1. Oh no Sharyne, gosh I hope the rain stops and the river goes down. You would really feel isolated if you didn't have the internet wouldnt' you. I can't imagine it! Keep safe and dry and praying the rain will stop for you :)

  2. Oh my! You have had some crazy weather! First the huge storm and now this. You poor girl! I feel like I should mail you a care package but then not sure how it would get to you. Hang in there! Hope it dies down soon.

    The ark would make for one impressive blog post:) xx ~Michelle

  3. Do you always get that much rain? You seem to have had masses and masses this year. As long as its safe, I think it might be rather exciting.

    There's something incredible about watching such power at work, I think.

    But I guess when you can't get your chocolate supplies, such thoughts might be far from your mind!!



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