Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're Looking for a Miracle!

Tonight we are battening down the hatches as Cyclone Yasi (a severe Category 4 cyclone) is hurtling towards the Far North Queensland coastline.    From the tracking map above you can see that it is expected to make landfall somewhere between Cairns and Innisfail tomorrow evening (Wednesday).

It just so happens that this is exactly where my beautiful little Valley is - 20 kms south of Cairns.  Heaven help us!

The patients at Cairns Base Hospital have been evacuated to Brisbane via RAAF Hercules and 30,000 residents in low lying coastal suburbs are being evacuated in readiness for a 4 metre storm surge.  It is seriously scary stuff!   I have lived in Far North Queensland my entire life and have weathered many cyclones (including Cyclone Larry which devastated Innisfail 5 years ago) however "Yasi" has me VERY worried. 

We have finalised all our pre cyclone preparations;  removed any potential "missiles" around the garden;  filled our bathtub with water;  stocked up on non perishables;  etc. etc.   There is nothing else for us to do now but wait.   How I hate the waiting........

This was my beautiful Valley this afternoon.  So calm and serene.  It seems so hard to believe that beyond those mountains a destructive storm is brewing.

We are hoping for a miracle. 

Hoping that once it hits the Great Barrier Reef it will do a right hand turn and track towards more remote areas on the Cape. 

Hoping that our beautiful little piece of paradise will be spared.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. Hi Sharyne,
    I have also posted the same image as you on my blog this evening. I really hope that you will be OK - the photos of your valley look beautiful.
    Everything crossed for you.x

  2. Sharyne,

    How scary! You do live in a beautiful part of the world.Hard to believe such a devastating storm is coming your way. I will be praying for your safety. Please keep us informed.

    Take care of yourself my friend!

  3. OMG Sharyne, I am so praying for you and your piece of heaven. Thinking of you all day. Let us know (if you can) how you fare please. Please. A-M xx

  4. Good luck Sharyn, I cant believe so many horrific weather events can devastate one state in such a short period, mother nature is certainly angry this summer... I will be thinking of you...Be safe lovely lady!!

  5. Sending best wishes your way, our thoughts and prayers are with you xx

  6. Oh Sharyne, will be thinking of you. Stay safe x


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