Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Herbs

Day 4 of my "7 Tasks in 7 Days" Challenge  - over half way!

So good.....  

Had a very productive day yesterday.  Not only was I able to get a good start on my little Sunflower painting but I also managed to dust and clean some blinds and wash some curtains!   How's that for multi tasking?

Although I would love nothing better than to spend the rest of the day painting - my list of  "To Jobs" is beckoning.    So onwards (ever onwards!)........

Given my love of all things gardening - this is another one of the jobs that I have been looking forward to tackling these holidays.   (In fact I feel a little bit guilty including it on my "Jobs to Do" list.)

Fresh herbs - absolutely fantastic in cooking but equally as stunning to look at.   The beautiful shape and glossy colour of Basil;   the delicate frilliness of Parsley;   the randomness of oregano;  the rigidness of chives.....  And the glorious smells - Pineapple sage;  curry leaf;  mint;  lemon grass; lavender........ 

There is no better feeling than being able to pop out into the garden and pick a handful of fresh herbs.    They even look fabulous in an old teapot sitting on the kitchen window ledge!
So today I am off to the nursery to pick up my herb garden supplies.

I have decided to plant my herbs in a large tub rather than directly into the ground.   Herbs (like vegetables) need quite a bit of sunlight throughout the day and although we live in one of the "sunniest" places on the planet most of my garden is covered in a dense canopy of palms and rainforest trees/shrubs.   So, the idea of having a "movable" container of herbs - seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Hopefully I will be able to find a large wooden cask (of some type).  (I do have a bit of an aversion to plastic pots!)    Even terracotta would be nice - although they do tend to dry out a bit here in the Tropics.

As for what to plant?  

Well, I'm thinking - Basil, Parsley, Chives, Chilli, Thyme and Curry leaf.   Yes, I think that will do me just fine.

Oh - by the way.  I am ALWAYS misplacing my gardening gloves!   Doesn't matter how careful I am about putting them somewhere "safe"  or tucking them into the waist band of my shorts - they just seem to vanish.  I can't begin to tell you how many pairs of gardening gloves I have lost over the years only to come across them months/years later rotting away under some bush in the garden!  (Oh - so that's where you got to!!)

Anyway, I just happened to see this fantastic idea to keep my gardening gloves safe and sound.

This is such an ingenious idea (Martha's of course!) although I could never imagine my gloves looking like this pair of gorgeousness.  Seriously, what self respecting gardener would have a pair of gardening gloves that looked like these!

So - that's something else to add to my shopping list today.    New gloves, magnets and ........

this beautiful little blue enamel bucket........Sigh!


  1. Hi Sharyne!

    An aversion to plastic planters, hugh? :) I like that! Me too! I hope you're able to find a solution to planting your herb garden. Lemon grass...lavender, MMMMM! I have 5 or 6 pairs of gardening gloves floating around the garage and basement. Not sure I could find a match :) Love the blue enamel bucket and magnet idea! XO

  2. Sharyne I would love to have any type of garden that looks like yours....though sadly I am lacking in the green thumb gene. I can't even grow herbs, they always die.

  3. Doesn't it feel good to tick things off the list. You have inspired me to action a herb garden for the balcony of my little unit. It will be my Easter present to myself. Thank you!... and good luck with yours... more evidence/photos please! ... and tips... I am not a green thumb. A-M xx PS wearing our beads today! you?


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