Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miss Molly's Big Adventure

.......An interview with Miss Molly (Blue Heeler and mountain climber extraordinaire).  

As told to me..........

Me :                Well Miss Molly.  I understand you went on quite an adventure today.  Do you want to
                       tell us where you went and what you did?

Miss Molly :     Sure Sharyne (aka Kendall's Mum and nice lady who gives me Beef Jerky treats!) 

                         This morning - Really REALLY! early - Kendall and Alan woke me up and told me we were
                        going for a drive in the car.   I was so excited - you know how much I love going for drives
in the car!

Me:                  So - did you know where you were going?

Miss Molly :    No. I thought we might have been going for a drive to get a Pizza (I know how much Alan 
              and Kendall like Pizza!) but then we turned down this road I had never seen before and I
                       saw this HUGE mountain.    Then Kendall told me that we were going to climb that 
                       mountain - all the way to the top.   WOW - I was so excited!
Me :               What was it like on the mountain?
Miss Molly :    Well,  there were SO many interesting things to smell...... and strange little insects and crawly
                        things...... lots and lots of trees and grass...... oh, and there were also a couple of other
                        dogs on the mountain.  
Alan said they were "German Shepherds".  I just thought they were
                        two dopey showoffs!   Running like crazy up that little track.......            


Miss Molly :    And I'm not the only one who thought that!    
Kendall told me I was such a good dog.  So well behaved...... So obedient......
So intelligent.......

SO much better than those two dopey German Shepherds!

I really like Kendall (and Alan of course!)

Me :                What about the view?
Miss Molly :     View?   What view?

Me :    Did you have any trouble keeping up with Kendall and Alan?

Miss Molly :  Who me?   No way. 
I had to keep stopping so they could catch up to me.

Me :   What about rest breaks along the way?

Miss Molly:  Oh yes, there were plenty of those.  
Kendall brought along my own special water bowl - see that little blue bowl in the picture.
Alan let me share his sandwich and I also had a couple of biscuits - yum! 
Me :  What was the best part of the whole trip for you?

Miss Molly :  Um mm...... climbing over all those rock faces
showing Kendall and Alan the way to go!

Miss Molly :      Oh....... and sharing Alan's sandwiches and biscuits!
Me :   And once you got to the top - what did you think of the view

Miss Molly :   View?  What view?

Me :  Well thank you Miss Molly.  It has been a real treat hearing all about your big adventure today.
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Miss Molly :   I would just like to thank Kendall and Alan for taking me.
But next time.......

Could you PLEASE pack me my own sandwiches and bikkies

(and maybe some beef jerky treats!)

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