Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Thorny Subject

It happens everytime....... 

Just when I threaten to take the pruning shears to the rampant bougainvillea which is literally taking over the entire bottom section of my garden - it decides to put on a spectacular show of colour.  Such a showoff!

At this time of the year when the rest of the garden is looking decidedly boring - this creeper is like a vibrant neon light creeping and twining its way up and around everything in its sight.  I'm sure that if I stood long enough in one spot - it would twine itself around me!

It is the absolute bane of my life.  I can't begin to tell you how much pain it has inflicted on me over the years.  Those thorns are lethal.  Heaven help you if you should happen to step on a wayward bract whilst wandering around the garden barefoot - Ouch!

However when its beautiful, delicate, tissue-paper like flowers glisten in the early morning sunlight - filling the room with a cheerful glow - well I can  forgive it.    (Almost)

Okay Mr Bougainvillea - you have a reprieve - but next year...........

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  1. I absolutely love bougainvillia, so I'm glad yours has gotten a reprieve for this year! I tried growing it once where I live but it never flowered! :-(

    Kat :)

  2. I have lots of bougainvillea plants and I love them so much!

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  3. OH, your bougainvillea plant is beautiful! And it looks so lovely in the vase, too! I can see why you would forgive it the thorns! :) Next year, I am planning on putting one of these in the garden. {This year the cost was prohibitive.} But they are such a dreamy flower, and definitely have that tropical flower look! :)

  4. Such a beautiful plant, it's too cold here in the UK it needs to be in a greenhouse or conservatory.
    Happy commenting!!!!!
    Hugs, Angela.


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