Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally - at last!

Yesterday Kendall (my baby girl) became a teacher!

After 5 years (almost!) of blood, sweat and many, many tears she completed her final teaching Prac
and is now ready to embark upon the job of her dreams.

A celebratory cake + chocolates + strawberries was an obvious choice to mark this milestone in her life.  

The champagne came later!

Thank you Miss Louise for being such a wonderful mentor (and supervisory teacher).  .  You entrusted your class to her and gave her such a wonderful opportunity to find her wings and learn to fly. 
 I know Kendall will be eternally grateful.

This cake was my version of the famous "rainbow" cake - however due to the fact that it had to travel on the floor of my car for the journey to school and was in severe danger of completely toppling over  -  I decided to opt for 4 layers instead of 6.
(Wise choice I think.)

Nevertheless - it still had that real WOW! factor when Kendall cut into it.  There were plenty of  "Oh's and Ah's"  around the staffroom when the 4 layers were revealed.  Quite a Master Chef moment!

Congratulations Kendall!  We are all so proud of you.

I know you are going to be a brilliant teacher and I am so looking forward to following you on your journey. 

Lots of love and hugs!!

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  1. Oh how wonderful. Congratulations to your beautiful girl. You must be so proud! ... and that cake!... I am salivating! A-M xx

  2. Congratulations! I know you are so proud, and I'm sure Kendall will be an amazing teacher! That cake looks delicious too!

    Kat :)

  3. Congratulations Kendall!! I can still remember how excited I was to finally finish my teaching studies and to have a class and classroom all of my own. It sounds like Kendall's supervising teacher was a great support and role model. LOVE the cake, may have to get some advice for you if I attempt it for a birthday one day :)

  4. Congratulations to your Kendall!!!! YAY!!! What an enormous effort and a very long road to get to this point, she should be so proud of herself!! What a FABULOUS cake to celebrate, you clever Mama!! Best wishes to Kendall for new career!! ~ xx

  5. Great cake and fantastic milestone. I was a teacher once and it is a wonderful profession.

    I am having a giveaway which may interest you Lovely Danish hand crafted porcelain house numbers, so why don't you pop on over and enter?

  6. Wow!I bet she's thrilled.Loved the cake you made her,congrats.

  7. Wow - That's a pretty impressive cake.


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