Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Power of the Sun

In this part of the world there is one thing that we are never short of.
And that is SUN!

So it makes sense that given the expected increase in electricity charges we keep hearing about – that we should utilise this free energy to offset the cost of power.
I also feel a moral obligation to the planet to reduce our carbon imprint.  We live in such a beautiful, pristine part of the world.   I would love to think it will still be the same in 100 years time!

So – here is our own little power generating plant – right on my very own roof!

I had been contemplating solar panels for quite a while and when I realised the Government’s subsidy on solar panels was going to be reduced on the 30th June – I sprang into action.

These sparkling little diamonds were installed today – a beautiful, sunny day in tropical Far North Queensland.   Just look at the sun reflecting off those panels .
I am hoping they are going to significantly reduce our power bills and with a bit of luck – we might even be able to  sell power back to the grid.  Who would have thought it – a CREDIT balance with the electricity company!
There have been times when I have questioned decisions I have made – what is that old saying about “decisions made in haste.”   However, this is not one of them.   
I am positively glowing!

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  1. Flowers colour is best in any occasions. Spring is such a beautiful time to take photographs of awesome flowers or nature colours.

  2. Well done & good luck with the credits. Beautiful orchid!

  3. Great decision Sharyne. Oh your garden makes me wistfully sigh. A-M xx

  4. We have contemplated doing this too, so glad you made the decision and I hope you do get that credit on your subsequent bills!

    Kat :)

  5. Those first and last photographs are really very beautiful and likes it very much. Lavender flowers are my favorite color in among all flowers.

  6. Gardening different types of plant in one place is very hard. But as per your photographs, it seems it is not hard for you.


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