Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Spring Colour

Some days it feels good to be alive!

Whilst the rest of the house slept - I was out and about making the most of the crisp tropical spring morning.   How I love the the quietness of the garden particularly as the first rays of morning appear.  A magical, glistening shimmer making everything sparkle in its way.  

I was lucky to share the moment with a couple of cheeky sunbirds who spent the time darting in and out of the fine mist of water spray coming from the hose whilst I was watering.   An early morning shower before flying off to look for some breakfast.   

Just like clockwork - these cute little orchids come into bloom the 2nd week in September.  Never fail.  I  wonder how they know just when to bloom?  Magical!

The colours from these Cordylines are just so vibrant and with the sunlight behind them - just makes the leaves look translucent.

My little window box of petunias on the front porch looks so welcoming and cheery.

And the bougainvillea is simply stunning!

How is this for a splash of colour!

Sometimes you just don't need any words...........

Ah yes....... good to be alive!

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  1. Most definitely, it's good to be alive. Especially at this time of year and the sun is shining, everything feels good. Your bouganvillea is to die for. It is so perfect. Have a great week! Leahxx


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