Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

In some parts of the world,  the lead up to Christmas is  heralded by a change in the seasons.  

Here in Far North Queensland we have 2 seasons - "the Wet" and "the Dry".  "The Wet" usually runs from Oct/Nov to April and the "Dry" May - September/October.

There is nothing significant to mark the start of the "Wet".  One day it is hot and dry and the next.... it's hot and raining (and raining....and raining!.....).   That simple really. 

So instead of a change in seasons - Mother Nature has devised a cunning plan to alert us to the fact that we are fast approaching the end of the year. 

Just like clockwork - at the beginning of November every year - tiny red specks  begin appearing on the magnificent Poinciana trees here in the Valley and by the end of the month the trees are literally dripping in vibrant red/orange blooms.

When my children were little they used to call them their Christmas trees and used to squeal with excitement to see the footpath covered with petals.  "Look... it's snowing!!!" they would say.  

I must admit, there is something quite magical about seeing all those red "snowflakes" fluttering through the air.....

Although I wish someone could have reminded me to shift the car!


PS - A big thank you to Michelle and Melissah for becoming my 51st and 52nd followers!
It constantly amazes me that anyone would find my waffle about everyday life here in the Valley  very exciting - but Yah! there are now 52 of you.  I feel so privileged.

Thank you ALL for popping by and leaving your little comments - it really does mean a lot to me.


  1. Lovely - yes I'd move the car too. I'm just waiting for December 1st, when almost like clockwork the HOT switch turns on in Brisbane.
    Cheers Kylie

  2. Oh the things you miss when you go AWOL!You have changed your name!!!!!! Sharyne when we lived in Brisbane I could look out an window at the rows of Poinciana trees interspersed with jacarandas. I never tired of the beauty. xx

  3. Beautiful Christmas colours!

    What a beautiful reason to blog. My mum is hands down my best friend too. Cannot be replaced.

    Lou ; )

  4. Oh Sharyne, I have just read your blog dedication and it is so beautiful and heartfelt!! What a special reason to blog and I feel so privileged that you let us enjoy your beautiful posts written to your dear Mum. So, so special!!! I have just been catching up on your posts and am heartened to see that your Mickey is recovering!! I also LOVE your gorgeous cushions...*swoon*!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, as always ~ Tina x

  5. Same here Kylie - although our "Hot" switch seems to come a little earlier up this way. December 1 is when the "SUPER Hot" switch comes on!

    Julienne - so lovely to have you back. Have missed hearing from you.

    Oh, and a HUGE welcome Lou(wink) my 53rd Follower! Make sure you give your dear MUM heaps and heaps of hugs. They are truly precious. (PS - I'm your newest follower too!)

    Sweet, sweet Tina. Your comments made me cry. It is really is me who is the privileged one. This little blog (and the lovely blogging community) have been my "soft place to fall" and allowed me to have a real purpose for journalling all the mundane stuff that goes on in my life. I know my Mum would be "smiling" daily. {{big hugs}}


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