Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Wedding

Well,  what can I say.........

After what seems an absolute eternity,  I am happy to say that I am finally able to return to this little blog and share our joy.

From the "Let the Planning Begin" (which was the title of my last post WAAAAYYYY back in May)
I am now able to share with everyone the beautiful outcome. 

 Last Thursday - our beautiful daughter Kendall and her lovely Alan pledged their love to each other and became Mr and Mrs!

In the end - Kendall and Alan decided to do away with all the planning and fuss.

All they really wanted was to be married. 

So - in the space of 5 short weeks we organised a Wedding!

.....and it was perfect!

From the gorgeous little seaside chapel......
to the fabulous celebration afterwards.......

Our hearts are bursting with joy!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let the Planning Begin

It's official....
We are now in wedding mode.

Following weeks and weeks of  procrastination.
Endless discussions about where, when and how.
Plans which seemed to change daily (and then hourly).

I have decided enough is enough!

Someone has to take charge of this ship -
plot the course-
man the tiller -
hoist the thingamajig......

in true "control freak" fashion

 with Kendall's complete blessing of course.....
(please....please.....organise this wedding - I'm completely OVER it!)

I have been ceremoniously given the title -

"Wedding Planner"

So... with my new title tucked neatly under my Billabong cap
and a reinvigorated spring in my step,  I set forth on a true voyage of discovery

in search of

 "THE" perfect church and "THE" perfect wedding reception venue.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go very far to find this gorgeous little church perched high in a beautiful village not far from our Valley.

The exposed framing,  blackened timber stumps, white timber louvres
 and the intricately carved soffits.
With a backdrop of native gums and glorious views of the surrounding countryside -
looks pretty perfect to me!

As far as wedding venues are concerned.....
Kendall and Alan are fans of all things vintage.

Timber floors/staircases;   ladder back chairs;   rustic fireplaces;
leather couches;  timber planter stands;  old pianos.

With a little styling, I reckon this little gem could be
just perfect....

Just love the look of those chairs.  Trying to visualise them with a burlap and lace bows
(and maybe sprigs of wildflowers)?

Some memories of days gone by

on this very same staircase.

   Those doors on the top left slide across to make the dining room completely private. 

I'm thinking that we could replace the round tables with those rectangular tables/chairs in the earlier photo,
white crisp table cloths/burlap runners and maybe dress the tables with vintage teapots 
filled with fresh flowers and lots of tealight candles?

And seeing it will be winter,
maybe a roaring fire and candles and flowers on the mantle?

Decisions..... decisions.....
My brain is in overdrive. 


All suggestions/ideas gratefully appreciated.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Milestone Moment

It's true.   There are moments in your life which are just moments.
 There are moments in your life which are Milestone moments.

Yesterday was a Milestone Moment!

You see yesterday........

Kendall Amy-Louise (our youngest child and only daughter)
walked down that long red carpet......
 in front of a huge audience of family, friends, fellow students and University Faculty........

received her
Bachelor of Education.

She follows in the footsteps of older brother Adam - who graduated with his Bachelor of Arts last year
and paves the way for Matthew
who will graduate at the end of this year with a Bachelor of Education.

Three University scholars in the family - who would have thought?  
We are just so proud.

Not only are we proud of  their academic achievements - 
we are also SO proud of the people they have become. 

Each so very different and unique in their individual personalities 
each overflowing with those special qualities of integrity, humility and sincerity.
(Not to mention the crazy sense of humour they all possess - never more evident than when they are all together reminiscing about growing up together here in the Valley!)

As parents, what more could we ask for.  

Other than to have been able to share this happy occasion with you Mum.  I know how proud you would have been.

Thinking of you always

Never more than today 
29.4.2008   -    29.4.2012 

- Walk slowly Mum -

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Congratulations Kendall and Alan!

I'll just leave it to DOLLY to let everyone know........

PS: .....can't wait to see the ring!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Postcards from Home - Part 2

The second in my little series of Postcards from Home
takes us a scenic half hour drive to the west of my little spot here in the valley -
up the steep and winding Gillies Range Road to the Far North Queensland tropical highlands gem of
Lake Barrine

Lake Barrine is actually the crater left by a volcanic eruption approximately 10,000 years ago
and is surrounded by pristine World Heritage rainforest not far from the pretty little village of Yungaburra. 

Apart from the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding flora and fauna -the historic 
Lake Barrine Teahouse is a popular attraction for locals and visitors.

The timber Tea House was originally built in the 1930's as a dance hall 
 and has since had many uses, including an aquatic centre, guest house, school and a convalescent home during World War II. 
Today the Tea House (nestled right on the lake's edge) provides breakfasts, lunches, and their famous prize winning Devonshire teas and looks pretty much like it would have 
back the 1930's. 

The ornate metal verandah railings, timber floors and french doors offer a subtle glimpse 
into a time gone by.
The old piano in the corner of the dining room is a wonderful link to its days as a dance hall.  
Close your eyes and you can almost hear the sounds of 
those old familiar dance tunes tinkling out across the lake.
What a romantic spot it must have been. 
"Take your partners for a Quick Step......"  
It is so easy to be transported back in time in this magical place. 

Special little touches like home grown roses on each table
just add to the joy.

Our favourite place to go for breakfast on a Sunday morning. 
Sitting on the verandah with the Sunday papers, scrambled eggs and a cappuccino - 
the troubles of the world seem to disappear!

A wander around the beautiful gardens......

and a chance to sit for a while....
and admire the Tibouchina.

It truly is what I imagine heaven must be like!

(and.... can I let you in on a little secret)

Kendall and I reckon this would be the perfect spot for a wedding.   Shhh....(don't we Kendall?)


So glad to have been able to show you this beautiful little corner of my world. 

Please call back again next week for another little
"Postcard from Home"

Happy travels everyone!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What makes a Happy Marriage

I don't pretend to know what makes a happy marriage.

However after 37 years,  I would say that it really does have a lot to do with
(a) picking the right person;  and

(b) a lot of hard work!

  I also think these 3 littles tips from Drs Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen
make a lot of sense.
  • Spend lots of time alone together. Make time to do things as a couple, not just as a family. It's crucial for rekindling love and affection.
  • When things get tense, tap your sense of humor. Conflicts are inevitable in any marriage, but if you remember to laugh about them, it helps you work through the tension and reconnect
  • Talk in bed. You might think that's the second-best thing you can do there. But just talking every night in that quiet, intimate setting allows you to bond even more deeply.

Good to be reminded. 

Happy Valentines Day.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Postcards from Home - Part 1

It seems hard to imagine now.... 
 However there was a time when travel (particularly overseas travel) was only really
for the rich and famous.

As a young child growing up in inner city Sydney - holidays for us were very few and far between.
Dad and Mum were both kept pretty busy in our family business and there was just simply not the 
time (or money) to go traipsing off on long, exotic holidays. 

My father's sister however was an exception. 

Auntie Val was a woman ahead of her times.
A single career woman in her thirties - every year she would jet off (or maybe that should  be "fly" off - jets might not have been invented then?) to places like Fiji, Singapore, Tokyo, Greece. 
She was my childhood idol. 
I longed for the time when I would be able to travel to faraway places.
The Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Big Ben, New York - I used to dream of visiting these places. 
"One day" I promised myself - "I'm going to travel the world just like Auntie Val"
The fact that I never got to fulfill my childhood dreams until I was fifty - well, that's another story!
In the meantime I survived on Postcards!
Postcards that Auntie Val would send;  postcards that my parent's friends would send;  
and then much later on - postcards that work colleagues and childhood friends would send. 
Just gazing at those scenes of far off places - made me feel like I was really there.
Transported me to another time.... another place. 
So for all those people (just like me) who long to travel and visit new and interesting places - 
I have decided to put together this little series called :
"Postcards from Home"

I am so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia and this is my 
opportunity to share some of the beauty of this region - 
all without leaving the comfort of  your PC or laptop!

First up - an hour's drive north from my little spot here in the valley is the 
 quaint little seaside village of Port Douglas......
and this is the gorgeous 
St Mary's by the Sea

Surrounded by palms, crotons, cordylines and exotic gingers

Built in the 1940's - a gorgeous example of tropical ecclesiastical architecture

Weddings, baptisms, worship....
This little church is kept extremely busy

And just look at this view from the pulpit!

The soaring ceilings, leadlight windows 

and of course, the obligatory ceiling fans.
 It is the tropics afterall!

Row upon row of highly polished mahogany pews against crisp white walls and timber 

This surely must be one of the most beautiful little churches in Australia!

Please call back again next week for another little
"Postcard from Home"

Happy travels everyone!