Sunday, January 31, 2010

Behana Gorge

It had been a couple of weeks since Kendall and I had been to the Gorge so we decided to head up there this afternoon and check out how big the waterfalls were particularly after the rainfall of the last couple of days. There were only a couple of vehicles at the carpark when we arrived. Obviously the ridiculously high humidity and heat we have been experiencing has proven to be a reasonable deterent. How I hate January in the tropics!

The first hill. What a killer!

Water was spilling over the causeways and it became a bit of a tricky manoevre trying to cross over without getting our feet wet!
Once the creek came into sight we were rewarded with fabulous views. The water level in the creek was really high and the water was gushing over the rocks creating a mystical mist. This is such a beautiful place.

Next up - "heartbreak hill". This is even tougher than the first hill- sustained agony! Every time I walk this track I wonder why I put myself through all this pain. However once at the top - the sense of achievement is totally overwhelming.

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