Friday, February 19, 2010


Today I received a card in the mail - however it was a card with a difference.
Last October I was lucky enough to be selected to become a BSM Connector and went to Brisbane for a couple of days training.
The trainer, Eileen Heywood, was really inspirational and amongst other things, gave me her insight into the 5 Skills of Happiness. These are :
(1) Zest
(2) Curiousity
(3) Optimism
(4) Gratitude
(5) Giving and receiving appreciation, caring and love
After the training we were each given a card which we were to address to ourselves with a special message inside and were told that this would be forwarded to us in 4 months time.
I had completely forgotten about the card until I picked it up in the mail today. It was lovely to receive it and read the message that I had written 4 months earlier. My message (to myself!) - "Hopefully the past 4 months have ben kind to you and you are still practising the 5 Skills of Happiness".
It was good to remind myself of these skills and I continue to revisit them. I try to make them my mantra for daily living. Somedays it is harder than others. I don't have much problem with the first four however I do struggle with number five - not in the "giving" but in the "receiving". I guess this is something I will need to work on.

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