Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Work

First day back at work after the holidays! It's always tough returning to work after a break however this morning I had a real touch of "Mondayitis". Set the alarm for 5.45a.m. with the full intention of doing a circuit walk. The alarm went off, I looked outside and then promptly hit the snooze button! It's amazing just how dark it still is at this time. Decided to give Micky and Buffy a walk this afternoon. With the wet weather it has been quite a few weeks since their last walk and they were SOOO excited to be hitting the trail. Unfortunately they find it impossible to contain their excitement and for the first 200 metres pull,bark,yelp and carry on like crazy-dogs! Everyone in the Estate knows when Micky and Buffy are going "walkies"!

They look so smart in their harnesses

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Good News of the Day :  The days are getting cooler which makes for more enjoyable walks with the dogs.

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