Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Blog Background

Since commencing  my blogging journey I have been fascinated to check out other people's blogs, particularly travel blogs.  I love travelling to new places, both in Australia and overseas and love reading about other people's adventures.   In this journey of blogging discovery I have been totally amazed by not only the fantastic stories and photographs  fellow bloggers have shared but also at the the efforts they have gone to in making their blogs so "eye appealing".   When I originally started blogging I was more than happy to use the default templates available on the Blogger.com site.   However after viewing a myriad of elaborately designed blogs I have come to the realisation that a Blog is not just a series of words and photos.
It is a complete visual experience!   So, in my quest to make my Blog more eye appealing I have searched through the huge array of backgrounds/headers available online and voila!  This is the result.   Being an avid Shabby Chic fan it only seemed fitting for me to have a background from ShabbyBlogs.com.  The heading was a little more intricate and involved the use of a fantastic photo editing program called FotoFlexer - this is sure to become my new "best friend" in photo editing.   I am indeed quietly pleased at what I have achieved.  Can't wait to check what other "add-ons" and "extras" I can find!

Good News of the Day :  Walked the circuit again this afternoon with Kendall.  Reduced my time by 5 minutes.

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  1. Just came across your blog! It is lovely!



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