Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Walking Track

Decided to check out a new walking track this afternoon not far from work.  In fact it is the mountain directly in front of the school.  Not sure of the name of it but believe it is part of a group of mountains called Isley Hills - so we have called it the Isley Track.    One of my work colleagues has been regularly walking (part way) up the track every Thursday afternoon and suggested that we might find the steep inclines a good challenge.  Never a truer word!
The track actually starts off gentle enough but before too long starts to rise quite steeply and after about 15 minutes we found ourselves scampering up a narrow, slippery  track.
Fortunately we were able to use some exposed tree roots for footing however it was pretty tough going. 
Finally, after about 25 minutes of climbing we got to a tree called "the turn around tree" and that's exactly what we did!
No surprisingly we didn't pass anyone else on the trail. 
It is apparently a 3 hour climb to the top however somehow I don't think I will ever get to see it.  There's something to be said for reaching a destination point - I guess that's the reason I enjoy the walk to Gorge so much. 
Good News of the Day :  A new challenge completed without injury!

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  1. Ah, but look at you. Good for you for going that far! We have steps everyone uses in our town that lead down to a certain surf spot. I avoid them at all cost or my thighs are sore for a week. There are more viable options like a short walk in the other direction where it isn't so steep, or the ramp on the beach next door.


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