Saturday, April 17, 2010

Somewhere New to Snooze

Dixie Chick and Dolly P are always looking for new places to snooze!  With a fine, sunny day forecast I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wash the sofa covers and put them on the line to dry. I absolutely LOVE my cream linen sofa - so shabby chic!. However from time to time I question the sensability of choosing this colour. "Oh, says Dixie - this is somewhere new to investigate!"
It didn't take her long to tire of that spot and decide to check out the upturned chairs on the table. In my mad cleaning frenzy this morning - I placed the chairs on the dining room table so I could vacuum under the table.

Hmm..... "Not sure if this is a good spot afterall".....

"Ah yes..... this is much better. I'll just turn a little this way to get myself into the perfect position."

"Now... this is more like it!"
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Dolly P (being a bit of an outdoorsy girl!) likes nothing better than perching herself on the bonnet of my car particularly if it is still warm after a drive. "Ah, such bliss......"
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Good News of the Day :  It's Saturday and I got to sleep in.

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