Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creme Brulee

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I have NEVER made Creme Brulee before. It has always been one of those deserts which I have loved ordering whenever I have gone out to a Restaurant but would have had absolutely no hope of being able to replicate at home. That was of course until I saw George's Master Class on Master Chef and I just had to give it a go. So, 600mls of double cream and 6 egg yolks later - here is the result! Looks pretty much like George's - don't you think? I really felt like a TRUE Master Chef when I served them up for dinner in their cute little white pots. To be honest - it really wasn't all plain sailing. On my first attempt they ended up being a little runny. However I ended up leaving in the fridge overnight and the next afternoon.... Perfection! The real thrill was in the tapping of the hard sugar topping with the back of my spoon (just like George did!) and hearing that distinctive "crack".   HERE is the recipe. The comments on the bottom of the page from other people who had attempted the dish were a little bit daunting but the "trick" is in leaving the creme brulee in the fridge overnight.   I even added my critique (goldenvalley50)  in the review section.  I'm definitely a "Master Chef nerd!"     Can't wait to try it again.


  1. Well done for mastering my hubby's favourite dessert! Your comment on my blog today brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. A-M xx

  2. I'm such a Bogger novice that it has taken me 2 days to realise that someone has actually posted a comment on my Blog! Thank you so much A-M. Such a thrill....


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