Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Weekend in the Garden

After weeks and weeks of rain I was desperate to get into the garden. Everying has just gone crazy and it almost feels as if we are being totally engulfed by the tropical foliage surrounding the house. That's the thing about living in the Tropics. Plants can literally grow 10cm overnight! I kid you not.
The combination of bromeliads and cordylines is just magic. Why would anyone not see beauty in bromeliads? In a sea of green,  their cheery red spikes shine like little beacons of happiness.
Some serious cutting back is needed here! My beautiful poinciana tree is now completely covering the pathway leading to the front verandah. In November this pebble pathway is absolutely covered in red petals - just like confetti. Love the verigated bromeliads. They are doing so well in this dappled light.
Will tackle the paddocks surrounding the house tomorrow. A full day of mowing and brushcutting to look forward to!   I absolutely love the fact that we have 2 acres in one of the most beautiful valleys in Far North Queensland but it is such a lot of work to look after.  Seriously might have to look at employing a couple of goats to keep it under control! 
 This is where I intend to be Sunday afternoon! Cool drink in hand - gazing down upon my primped and pruned garden.

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  1. Oh I think I can see a mountain view just around the corner? What paradise you live in! Thank you for your kind words of support. I have hired my Auntie Jill, who is a cleaner by trade. She mopped up my tears this afternoon and we are going to get stuck into it on Friday..A-M xx


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