Monday, June 28, 2010

A Bit of a Chill in the Air

Woke to a glorious mist rising up through the valley this morning and a real crispness in the air.  We are a very strange lot here in Far North Queensland.  We have had absolutely no winter whatsoever to speak of however the minute the temperature falls below 20degrees everyone is scrambling around looking for jumpers and tights!   Alan probably feels the cold more than anyone else in the family.  I can't possibly imagine how he managed to spend most of his life living in Victoria?   A couple of years ago when we visited Matthew in Scotland - Alan went scouting around all the second hand clothes shops in Cairns looking for "warm" jumpers and managed to find an extremely thick, cream, cable knit jumper which looks like it may have been a cricket jumper in its former life.  In fact, it has a sewn on logo which says "Umpires Association - VCA". 

Oh, the stories this jumper could tell......How it managed to find its way to Cairns - I'll never know.  However it has become his absolute favourite and he looks for any opportunity to pull it over his head and sit snuggled up in it watching old "Bonanza" and "MASH" re-runs.  

There are a couple of other members of our family who LOVE Alan's big cream jumper as well.
Dolly P is a picture of absolute contentment curled up here.  She looks for it even when Alan isn't wearing it and becomes quite cranky and possessive when she has to be shifted.

On the other hand, Mickey's obsession with the cream jumper is just a little bit ridiculous.  Who would believe that this SNABH (Sensitive New Age Blue Heeler) is our home security guard.    Such a sook! 

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