Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beautiful Eiderdowns

from Kirstie's Homemade Home
I love living in the tropics,  particularly at this time of the year.   The days are just so beautiful.  Warm and sunny with just that slight crispness in the air in the mornings and little or no humidity.   Just perfect!    When I look at the temperatures in the southern states I think how lucky we are.  Here it is almost the end of June and I haven't even put a blanket on our bed at night!   What I do miss however are the wonderful bedroom decorating opportunities which come with living in a cooler climate.   In searching for inspiration for my current bedroom transformation I have come across these beautiful vintage eiderdowns.   How I would love to have one of these gorgeous creations at the foot of my new bed.  They just look so warm and inviting.
There's something about a beautiful eiderdown which seems to shout "Come and snuggle under me....." Against the crisp white linen sheets and pillow cases their colours and puffiness seem so cheery and comforting.   I'll just have to keep searching to see if I can find a "tropical" alternative.


  1. Oh these eiderdowns are gorgeous! They are exactly what I am looking for, for our girls beds:) Hope you find a cooler alternative for your climate. Mind you, they would still look lovely just folded on the ned of the bed or even in a basket, even in the tropics:) Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday ~ Tina x

  2. Yes I think you are right Tina. Folded at the foot of the bed would be just fine. Then when we have those 4 days in the year when the temp drops below 20 degrees we could pull them up and snuggle underneath and pretend it is snowing outside - perfect! :)Sharyne


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