Monday, June 14, 2010

Breast of Friends Quilt

Block #3
Over the years I have made a number of patchwork quilts.  I have a particular passion for patchwork quilts which incorporate applique and embroidery and I also love quilts which tell a story.   This is why this "Breast of Friends" pattern really appealed to me.   Like most women,  we all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer.   In many ways we are all affected by it, whether as sufferers or simply enduring the heartache of being a helpless bystander as someone we care about battles for survival.   For this particular project, eight fabulous designers were asked to create blocks based on the theme "women and friendship" - something which is dear to my heart.    I actually started Block #1 before Easter and was hoping that I might have it finished in readiness for my newly decorated bedroom.  However the embroidery work is extremely detailed it has taken me much longer than I would have hoped. 
Block #1

This block was designed by Leanne Beasley and features two Peace doves and a really sweet stitched saying.   I love Leanne Beasley's work and used one of her designs to make Kendall's 21st birthday quilt.     Kendall's quilt is very "country" inspired and features all the things she loves - daisies, sunflowers, hearts and sayings like "May your heart make you happy for the simple things...."

Block #2
This block is so cute.   It reminds me of happy times sharing dreams, hopes and secrets over a cup of tea with close friends!   It is amazing just how many problems can be solved over a cup of tea.

Hopefully I will get the chance to complete some more blocks over the coming weeks.  I have a couple of weeks of holiday coming up and although I have a fairly busy time planned with all the jobs I am doing around the house - I will have to put aside some time for my quilt.
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