Sunday, June 20, 2010

12 Week Body Transformation

It's official!  I am now off chocolate for the next 12 weeks as  my commitment to Michelle Bridge's (aka Biggest Loser's personal trainer) 12 Week Body Transformation challenge.    It is not going to be easy - I kid you not.  I'm already beginning to have cravings and I haven't even started!  Tomorrow is "D" day.   The alarm has been set for 6 a.m.;  the weekly nutrition plan and exercise program are stuck to the fridge door.   There's no turning back now.    Kendall and Alan are both joining me on the challenge so at least we will all be able to suffer get fit  together.  First up tomorrow morning we have the weigh in and measure up plus the optional taking of "before" photos.   Alan is still to be convinced that the "before" photos are a good idea.  There's something about being photographed with no shirt and a pair of briefs which doesn't sit quite right with him!   I will blog our progress and I have promised Alan that I will NOT be including photos.

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