Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Lazy Weekend!

Most weekends I usually have a HUGE list of  projects/jobs which ALL need to be done and spend the whole time running around like a mad woman only to fall into an exhausted heap Sunday evening.  As a result - I'm tired even before the week begins. (Not really a good idea particularly if a busy work week is looming).  Anyway,  I have finally come to the conclusion that some weekends it's okay to just sit back and smell the roses daisies and this weekend - that is exactly what I did!  So, the cute little farmyard bench  I was wanting to tackle - didn't happen...... the painting I am working on for my bedroom - didn't happen.....the climb to the half way mark on the mountain - didn't happen.....the applique blocks I am working on for my new patchwork quilt.... didn't happen.  I figure that they will all still be there next week.  This weekend it was a good chance to catch up with #1 son Adam and his lovely girlfriend Elice who called by early in the morning.   Adam and Elice are fanatic "tea" drinkers.  I love a good cup of tea as well - but after my 5th cup I was all "teed" out.  It was great way to spend a Sunday - just sitting around the table, drinking tea, planning for the future, reminiscing about days past, sharing hopes and dreams and just enjoying each others company.  It would have been even better if we could have had a couple of Missy Moo's cupcakes. Somehow Weight Watcher's bikkies just don't 't hit the mark (I'm into week 7 of my 12 week body transformation program - I need say no more!).
Anyway, even though I love doing things around my house and love creating a home for my family - this little picture brings it all into perspective for me.
My home (and all its jobs and projects!) will always be there.  Time with family won't.  Cherish the moments!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I love you picture at the end, it is so true. Family are a wonderful thing to be a part of. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. Oh so true... family is everything. I would live in a tent as long as I could have my lovelies with me at all times. I envy your willpower... not one biccie!.... well done! A-M xx

  3. Love the quote at the end, so true! I also love tea and treat myself to a pot every morning and at tea time (around 4 pm). You can never have too much tea. I agree, the best way to spend a Sunday is with family. I forced mine to hang out for a whole hour with me today.


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