Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did August go?

Welcome to the first day of Spring from tropical Far North Queensland!
I'm back again after a bit of a blogging break.  In the blink of an eye August has come and gone.  Not sure what happened?  It's not that I didn't do much - because I certainly seemed to be kept extremely busy.  It's not that I didn't go anywhere different or achieve any goals - because I did.  It's not that I wasn't inspired by all the wonderful things I've seen and read during the month - because I have.   I guess the reality is that I just haven't felt inclined to blog about it.  Very strange......  I wonder if any of my blogging friends have ever felt this way?  Anyway, hopefully this small transgression will soon pass and I will get back my blogging mojo.

So what has been happening in my corner of the world these past few weeks?
Well the most exciting piece of news is that my friend Julie and I made it to the half way mark on the Pyramid!  This was a huge milestone.  Not only is it an extremely physical climb (3 hr return trip)  but I also had to overcome my incredible fear of heights - which was a massive psychological achievement .  To reach the half way point (455 metres) was the highest I have EVER been (other than being in a plane!)   When we finally reached the half way mark - a massive boulder with 1/2 WAY scrawled across its face in faded white paint - it was as much as I could do to fall to my knees and kiss it (like the Blarney stone!)
Once I managed to anchor myself to a small sapling (literally!) I summoned up the courage to look around and take in the views - and WHAT amazing views they were! 
Gordonvale and the Mulgrave Mill

The first rays of morning sunlight

Looking south

Looking north

High 5's!
At this stage we haven't made plans to go any higher although who knows how we will feel in a couple of months time.  It certainly is a fantastic feeling of accomplishment to have reached such a massive milestone and better still - managed to burn off 1200 calories (according to my heart rate monitor!) - so that has to be good.
Aside from conquering mountains I have also been kept very busy with heaps of projects around the house.
Finally managed to finish the painting I was doing for my bedroom.  Am really happy with how it turned out and it adds a wonderful splash of colour to my all white palette.
Almost finished the transformation of this room.   Just waiting for my new quilt and trying to decide on a floor rug.  Oh yes, and I am just waiting for the September holidays to finally have a go at making the farmyard bench which I intend to place at the foot of the bed - chipppy white (with a touch of red) of course!  All in all I am really pleased with what I have achieved.  

Have spent the last two weekends repainting my front picket fence - all 50 metres of it!  Only 4 more panels to go.  Looks lovely and crisp against the green foliage backdrop.

Two weeks till September school holidays and I am already making my list of "things to do" -
#1 - Build farmyard bench
#2 - Paint verandah balustrading
#3 - Lay tiles on verandah
#4 - Finish painting walls in kitchen
#5 - Complete some more blocks on my Breast of Friends quilt
#6 - Mulch my front garden
#7 - Replenish the pebbles in my driveway and pathways
Whew!.........  I'm exhausted already

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  1. OMG you have been busy! Congratulations on the climb and for finishing your beautiful painting! You are not alone in losing the bloggy mojo, I struggle to be motivated often... hence my ramblings and last minute thoughts! A-M xx


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