Tuesday, September 7, 2010


"Take me for a walk.... please.... pleeeeaaaassseee.........!"     Am I a push over for a sad face or what?  Well after stating quite emphatically (after our last attempt to walk in a civilised manner around the neighbourhood) that I would NEVER take Mickey out in public again - I finally gave in.   Mickey would have to be THE worst dog we have ever owned!  He is SO disobedient..... SO determined....... SO naughty.......SO anti-social.    I just don't know where we went wrong?   However there is something SO endearing about his personality that we can never be mad at him for too long - such a character!  If he was able to talk (and sometimes he actually does!) I'm sure this would be his list of 10 MOST favourite things :
#1    Rocks!   He loves chasing rocks, especially the small pebble like ones Alan scims across the surface of the water when we take him down to the river;
#2    The River!   Particularly exploring  the banks of the mighty Mulgrave at dusk (when no-one else is around);
#3    Riding in Cars!   How he loves going for a ride in the car and WHAT a commotion he makes.  You can hear him coming for miles.   Pity help any unsuspecting motor bike riders/kids on push bikes/people mowing their lawns/elderly folk in wheelchairs - we happen to pass along the way;
#4    Walks around the neighbourhood!   Knows where every dog within a 2km radius lives and knows exactly how to push their buttons!; 
#5    Biting the waves at Bramston Beach - if only he didn't drink the sea water!!??
#6    Sleeping in on a Sunday morning;
#7    Soft serve ice cream in a cone;
#8    Air con!  
#9    Chasing bandicoots in the backyard;
#10  His best mate Matthew!  


  1. Oh, Mickey is such a sweetie! Just look at that face...;) I think he must be related to our labrador Charlie - I can't walk him as he is so nuts! Hope the walk went well and Mickey didn't push too many of those other dogs' buttons!! Have a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina x

  2. Ah thats so cute, we used to own a blue cattle dog named girl & she was exactly the same. Girl always stole peoples shoes from their front verandahs!!! Your lounge room sounds fantastic by the way!!!

  3. I found your blog via Ruby's Place. Your dog is a crack up! We also use the term, "walkies" and must be very careful not to say it if we aren't seriously ready to go. Our pups (cock-a-poos) get so excited for walks they actually do flips! It's been a long journey to train our boy cock-a-poo to take a civilized walk. He is VERY macho and doesn't seem to know when he could become a dog twice his size ordure. We watched The Dog Whisperer on tv. He said to 'flip' your macho dog over gently until he is being submissive, then he get to get up. It worked! Now whenever macho man decides to get aggressive we say, "do you want to get flipped?" You can hear him say (in his own mind), nope, rather not. So give it a go and I hope Mickey and you have more enjoyable walkies. I'm a new follower — love your blog. Blessings, Tia


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