Thursday, September 2, 2010

Unwelcome Visitors!

Imagine my surprise to find this charming fellow (well, not this one exactly - but one like him  her) slithering down a palm tree and disappearing into the cavity beneath my bedroom air conditioning unit last night!   Ah - life in the tropics!  Never a dull moment.    I guess you have to expect close interactions with nature particularly when living in such close proximity to a tropical rainforest.   Anyway, once all the screaming had stopped (Alan and Kendall!) and we were satisfied that it wasn't going to attack us,  we stood there contemplating just HOW we were going to remove it from its cosey little hidey hole under the air conditioner.   Long stick with a line.....sacrificial rodent (not sure where we were going to get one of those?).........warm milk, um.....can't remember whose suggestion that was?.........  Lots of head scratching.   Next minute - imagine our surprise (again!) to find another one of these delightful creatures (obviously his/her friend) slithering down the same palm tree and disappearing into the same hole!   Unbelievable.  We now had two 3 metre brown tree snakes taking up residence in the walls of our house.  It seemed like some sort of "B" grade horror movie - "Invasion of the Brown Tree Snakes!  Well, what does anyone do when faced with this sort of situation?   Phone the local SNAKE Buster (of course!).  As luck would have it, John (our local snake expert) just lives down the bottom of the hill on a neighbouring property.
Phone call to John goes something like this :  "Hi John - we've got a bit of a problem up here.  Two brown tree snakes (we think?) have set up camp in the wall of the house under the air conditioning unit.  Any ideas about what we can do?  Yes... yes.... really....... Right, I see....  So there's nothing to worry about.... okay.  Thanks John."    So much for the SNAKE Buster!   John is obviously a man of few words however it would seem that they ARE in fact brown tree snakes and it is breeding season (joy o'rapture) and a female snake in season can attract anywhere up to 6 males - it just keeps getting better!
So, short of completely demolishing the wall - there is nothing we can do.   John says they are not venomous (comforting!) and that once they are finished doing whatever they are doing - they will move on.   Well, that's the theory anyway.    Far North Queensland - beautiful one day - perfect the next! 


  1. No way! I would have been beside myself. Ooh I just did an involuntary shiver... really! John wasn't really any help was he! Make sure there are no gaps in your internal walls...brrrr.... another shiver! A-M xx

  2. Oh My Goodness!! I think I would have to stay in a hotel until breeding season was over - you are so brave!! Hope they move on SOON!! ~ Tina xx


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