Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You've Got Mail!

As a small child one of my most vivid memories was hearing the sound of the Postman's whistle at our front gate.  The shrill bleep of the "whistle" was an indication that he had a large parcel or an item that wouldn't fit into our letterbox.   I remember how I would skip down the front steps with eager anticipation to see just what special surprise the Postman had for us.  Christmas time was especially exciting as we always received the most wonderful parcels from my Grandmother who lived all the way away in Sydney.  My Nan's parcels were a sight to behold - securely wrapped in thick brown paper and tied with string in the most intricate of knots.    The front of the parcel would be emblazoned with the words "Not to be Opened Until 25th December!" in the most beautiful backward sloping handwriting.  My poor mother!  My brothers and I would beg her (as only kids can) to let us open the parcel straight away.  It didn't matter how much we whinged and whined - she never gave in.   "Patience is a virtue!" she would say.

Still to this day I get so excited to receive parcels in the mail.   The anticipation and wonder;  the wrestling with the sticky tape;  the tearing of the plastic wrapping and then finally,  the oohing and ahhing when the contents are finally revealed!   It gets me every time. 

Here in the Valley we don't have a regular mail service. (Something to do with distance from our closest town).   So instead we have a mail box at our local Post Office which we manage to clear 2 or 3 times a week.     

So imagine my excitement late last Friday when I turned the key on my little black post office box to find not one.... but two bright blue cards in my mail box telling me that I had TWO parcels to collect!  It was like the Postman's "whistle" all over again.

And then my world came crashing down .........

Oh No - the Post Office was closed - I would have to wait till Monday.  "Patience is a virtue" I could hear my mother say!

So all weekend these little blue slips tortured me!    Monday morning (bright and early) found me standing at the little "out of hours" window of the Post Office eagerly handing over my blue cards and in return these were the wonderful surprises that greeted me.

Firstly, the beautiful vintage eiderdown I was lucky enough to win in the competition the ever so generous and incredibly stylish Mel from Stripes by the Seaside recently had to find a name for her beautiful new blog.
It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own a vintage eiderdown.  This gorgeous paisley parcel of fluffy down is even more wonderful than I could have imagined.  Thank you once again Mel for your incredible gift.  I will treasure it forever.

Second surprise was this lovely little printed piece of customised art which I purchased from the incredibly talented Janette from My Sweet Prints.  A gift for a work colleague who is getting married this weekend.
My dinky little photograph does not do justice to Janette's beautiful work however the background is the most beautiful and meaningful verse/s about Love forever more.  I know Roland and Rita will love it as much as I do.   Janette's  Etsy store is filled with so many amazing pieces.  I can't wait to pick out something for myself...... and you know what that means. 

Yah...... another parcel for me in the mail!!


  1. Oh how lovely. I follow both their blogs... isn't bloggy land a small and wonderful place! A-M xx

  2. I too love to receive a parcel in the mail. Our postie leaves it at the front door. Sooo exciting. It's a bit like christmas, receiving that little surprise.

  3. Oh Sharyne, this is the most wonderful blog post! I just loved reading about your childhood parcels and the anticipation of opening them, and seeing your super cute post office and then knowing that my print that I packaged up and posted off to you has taken such an exciting journey. Thank you so much for posting about my print and I hope that Rita and Roland love their new print and I hope that the wedding is a great memorable day for you all.
    Janette xx

  4. Oh I love both the gorgeous print and that beautiful eiderdown!!! I love getting parcels in the mail too:) ~ Tina xx

  5. Hi and sorry i have been so slack in visiting. Am so glad you love the eiderdown, it deserved a good home too. Mel xxx


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