Wednesday, November 3, 2010

With This Ring

To be honest I have never been a fan of large, over the top weddings.  All that pomp and ceremony - not to mention the huge costs involved.   For my own wedding (many, MANY years ago now) all I ever really wanted was to stand under a towering gum tree, surrounded by a few close friends and family and just say the words that were in my heart.  Simple, uncomplicated and personal.  Suffice to say my parents didn't share the same view.   They were horrified.   I was their only daughter and they wanted to give me a PROPER wedding.  None of this barefoot/hippie stuff!  Not that I WAS a hippie - although I guess being a child of the 70's I did have a touch of the free spirit running through my veins.  Anyway, as history will recall, I gave into their wishes and had the large, over the top wedding with 200 (or so) of my CLOSE friends and a sprinkling of family. (Funny - can't even remember now who these 200 CLOSE friends were?) The reception was held at the local Bowls Club - white paper covered tables; overcooked roast beef;   fruit salad and cream.  My parents beamed with delight and pride - they had given me a PROPER wedding!   Although I was extremely appreciative of the effort they put into making my day special - it never really was special.......

It seems strange to reflect on this now, some 35 years later.  Perhaps part of the reason for this was a wedding I went to last Sunday.   It was held at the most picturesque beach location, just north of the city,  late in the  afternoon.   It was just so simple but so beautiful at the same time.  The groom had constructed (and hand carved!) the most amazing white pergola - festooned with white chiffon and flowers - under which he and his bride stood.

The inside beams of the pergola were then carved with the most beautiful verses and heartfelt messages.  Such an incredible expression of love.

It was just such an idyllic setting.   Sailing boats in the background and kookaburras laughing away in the trees.  Amazing!
The ceremony was just so simple.  The bride and groom had each written their own vows.  They looked into each others eyes and spoke them as if they were the only two people on that beach that Sunday afternoon in October.   I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.... (Yes - I am such a sook!)

The rest of the afternoon was just perfect - sitting under the trees enjoying the delicious home cooked food and savouring the joy of the occasion.   No pomp - no ceremony ......and definitely no over-cooked roast beef!

And just look at this magnificent gum tree!

Where were you when I needed you 35 years ago?.........

P.S. - To Alan :
Even though I never got to stand under that gum tree 35 years ago and say the words that were truly in my heart........and even though to this day I cannot abide over cooked roast beef and fruit salad!........ I know the following is what it is REALLY all about.      

'When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.'


  1. What an absolutely beautiful wedding!! How amazing was the carved pergola...WOW!! Such a peaceful and beautiful beach setting too, I hope it was a magical day for the bride and groom ~ Tina xx

  2. Goosebumps. What a beautiful, beautiful post. How glorious was that wedding. I did have a very simple wedding which relieved my single mother no end. Hubby and I paid for the whole thing... 60 people including us, in a marquee in my Mum's backyard, drowned out by the dulcet tones of the frogs in the dam. We made our own fun by performing 'tablegrams'.. each group at each table had to perform something based on the bride and groom... we had songs and poetry, scenes from Les Mis... it was magical. Hubby composed and sang me a song and we all danced to Riverdance! A-M xx


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