Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Cyclone Yasi Diary

Exactly one week ago today I sat at my desk gazing down over the garden into the valley below anxiously wondering what the next few hours would bring. 

Cyclone Yasi, a severe Category 5 storm was hurtling towards the coastline of Far North Queensland and the area surrounding my beautiful valley was well and truly in the firing line.  The experts were predicting extremely destructive winds of 280 km/hr and a massive tidal surge.  All we could do was hope (and pray!) that we would be able to withstand Yasi's fury and that the preparations we had made would be enough.

10 p.m. - the wind gusts are getting stronger.  I can see the tops of the Royal Palms at the front of the house bending and swaying furiously.  Massive palm fronds are being ripped off and being thrown wildly into the wind.  The sound of the fronds landing heavily on the roof is frightening.  Each loud thump sends a shiver down my spine.    Yasi is still 100kms off the coast.

10:30 p.m. - we lose power.   Luckily we have candles and torches ready.  It is so dark outside.   The radio becomes our "eyes" to what is happening around us.   We sit glued - listening intently to every word.   The rain is coming down heavily but the winds seem to have abated. It is just so eerie outside.   Bravely we venture out onto the verandah and in distance (over the protective mountains which shelter us from the coast) can hear something which sounds strangely like a massive freight train bearing down on us. 

11:00 p.m. - the radio tells us that Yasi has moved slightly to the south and looks as if it might make landfall just south of Innisfail (a mere 70 kms away).   The winds are starting to gust again - probably around 180km/hour.  The noise outside is deafening and the rain is beating against the windows. I can't see how the windows are going to withhold this constant pounding. 

We decide to retreat to the little bunker we have made in Kendall's granny flat.

Tucked in a narrow corridor between the bathroom and built in robe we shift a table and then place the mattress on top.  It is a tight fit but it feels safe.

Together with our "bunker buddies"
Mickey and Buffy
Vinnie and Chloe (who were forced to take up temporary accommodation for the night)

Dixie Chick (and Dolly P - who decided to take cover in the wardrobe!)

We hold tight and prepare to ride out the Cyclone.

1:00 a.m. Cyclone Yasi crosses the coast at Mission Beach and Tully - 100 kms to the south.   We have been spared but our neighbours on the Cassowary Coast have been devastated.  

My heart breaks for them.

6:00 a.m.  Morning comes slowly and I make my way outside.  I don't want to open my eyes - but know I have to.

Remarkably - the damage has been minimal.  I can't believe my eyes!

And then I cry.......

My family is safe...... our animals have garden can be home is unscathed.....

We are the lucky ones!

PS - A HUGE thank you to all my wonderful bloggy friends.  Your thoughts and prayers meant so much to me.  I could truly feel your collective strength.
We have only just regained our power and Internet connection so I will catch up with you all
over the next couple of days to thank you personally for your support.  xx Sharyne


  1. Oh Sharyn! I was praying for you. Glad to see that there was minimal damage around you. Trees can be replaced but not people. Thanks for letting us know that you and your sweet animals are okay!
    Take care,

  2. Sorry, I forgot the e on your name. Again, very happy to hear that all is well!

  3. Gosh I had goosebumps reading glad that you are safe.

  4. WOW Sharyne, I had goosebumps whilst reading this & was actually scared for you to look at the damage, sooo glad to see you came out of it okay & I think you would make a wonderful writer I was really feeling your emotions there.
    Great to hear from you!!

  5. I have been thinking about you and was so pleased to see your post today. You are so right, 'things' can be fixed or replaced.
    Keep well.
    Hugs, Angela,


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