Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Aussie Tropical Garden

One week ago I didn't know if I would have any garden left at all.......
One week ago Cyclone Yasi crossed the Far North Queensland coast devastating communities and townships to the south of my Valley........
My garden has been left a little battered..... a little bruised.......but it will bounce back.
And so will I........
Thank you to the fabulous (and ever inspiring)  Sarah at Modern Country Style for hosting her
English Garden Linky Party. 
(She must have known I was in desperate need of some serious prettiness right now)

Welcome to my Aussie Tropical Garden!
  Pop your hat on........Come in and  take a look around


My garden is (and always will be!) a work in progress.  It is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at in the evening.  

 It is what makes me happy!


  1. So gorgeous! You'd never need to go inside. Beautiful photos, Sharyne. I left the e on your name this time :) Love the vibrant colors and purples, pinks and yellow are my favorite color combo for gardens. Thanks for sharing a little Australia! :) Michelle

  2. Hello,
    You have some amazing flowers, shrubs and trees. I see some that I grow here in the Eastern US. We're in our dormant stage - some spring bulbs are immerging. So glad you and your garden fared well after the storm. Australia has been through so much!
    God Bless<

  3. Hi Sharyne,

    How are things with you over there? I'm SO glad you were okay. You've had such a rough ride over there weather-wise this year.

    Your garden looks absolutely fantastic. So bright and cheery and gorgeous and lovely. Hang on a minute....I know someone who's just like that.

    Now who could it be....?


  4. Thank you for the tour, your garden is gorgeous!!

  5. Hi Sharyne, So glad you are all right after the cyclone. Your garden is so lovely and bright. I know what you mean when you look at your garden and it makes you feel happy, I feel exactly the same way. Wishing you a very lovely weekend!

  6. I am absolutely fascinated by the wonders of your garden! You have such a lush landscape, and a great collection of plants. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing something warm and tropical, while we are still in the grips of winter here.

  7. So beautiful Sharyne! I hope to visit your part of the world one day and see it in all its splendor! Your garden is simply lovely and I'm glad you all weathered the storm!

    Kat :)

  8. Looks like your beautiful garden fared pretty well,so lovely.Love your kitchenalia!

  9. Gorgeous garden in a gorgeous part of the world, so glad that your okay. Have a great week xx


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