Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Ten Things I Love About Kendall!

Today is Kendall's Birthday.  My baby girl is 24.  It seems no time ago that she was 14 - where have those years gone?   It's even hard for me JUST to say that number - Twenty-Four.  Gosh, I can remember being twenty-four myself - and it didn't seem that long ago.  (I'm clearly in denial!)

I often have to pinch myself to believe that she is no longer that cute, chubby, fun-loving little strawberry blonde who used to constantly entertain us with her Dolly Parton impersonations or would go riding off down the valley on her beloved pony "Pilot".   In my mind she is still that kid.  That has been the hardest thing for me to come to terms with but I am getting better (aren't I Kendall?)     

Kendall has grown into a beautiful, confident young woman.  In a few months time she will graduate as a Teacher and intends to follow her dreams and work with Students with Disabilities.  She is a truly amazing human being and I am so proud to call her "my daughter".

The 10 Things I Love About Kendall
  1. She is funny and has the most raucous, infectious laugh. 
  2. She loves animals and has befriended SO many homeless cats and dogs over the years - and yes, they are ALL still  living with us!
  3. She became a Vegetarian at 12 because she couldn't stand the thought of all those baby lambs being slaughtered and she has held strong to her convictions.
  4. She knows how much I love chocolate Freddo frogs and when I really NEED one.
  5. She is a fantastic cook and makes the BEST cup cakes and pumpkin/pine nut couscous.

6.   She wants to make a difference in the lives of children - particularly those with disabilities.
7.   She loves the fact that I am a Blogger and constantly encourages and supports my blogging journey.
8.   She has excellent taste in boyfriends!  (Hello Alan - see you in a couple of weeks!) 
9.   She loved (and misses) my Mum (her Nanny) just as much as I do.
10. She is fiercely loyal and will defend till the death! (slight exaggeration - but you get the picture)
11. She has a fabulous singing voice and I am CERTAIN will be the next "big thing" in Australian country music.
12.  She takes over the driving when I have a "melt down" driving up any (extremely steep!) mountain  range.
13.  She let me stand next to her in the mosh pit at the Bon Jovi concert when she was 18.
14........okay, I know I said "10 Things".......  but there is just one more........

15.  She is my best friend!
Happy Birthday Kendall


  1. Oh Sharynne, what a beautiful birthday post for your sweet Kendall. Happiest of birthday wishes to your daughter and I hope you both enjoy a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter - and whata beautiful post dedicated to her. I love the last photo x

  3. Your daughter sounds like an amazing person. Wishing her a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love, joy and happiness.

  4. Oh I am in tears. What a wonderful daughter you have and how lucky is she to have you as her Mum. No wonder she is making such a difference in the world having your love and support. You should be soooo proud. A-M xx

  5. An amazing Mother with an amazing Daughter! Happy birthday to Kendall.
    Sharyne, you turn around three times and they go from being your baby to holding babies of their own! The time just disappears, xo J

  6. How beautiful. What a sweet happy birthday for your daughter, I hope she has a happy one, and you have really made me hope my daughters will be my best friends when they are all grown up.

  7. Awww... Happy birthday to your baby! She is too cute! Love her hair! I have a strawberry blonde, too. She sounds like an amazing girl! SHe loves children and animals. A girl after my own heart! I'm happy to hear that she will be helping kids with disabilities. Way to go Kendall!
    All my best! ~Michelle

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful and accomplished daughter!! She is truly a chip off the old shoulder and much loved, I can tell! My mother's middle name was Kendall!

    Kat :)

  9. You amaze me with your tenacity and involvement in anything new-travelling, creating a new project (involving at least three different power tools) or learning how to fix a mechanical problem.Go girl you are awesome!Cath


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