Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly

Once upon a time (about 6 years ago actually)  a tiny little fluffy ball of light grey (with just a touch of blue) came into the world.
Her name was Molly and she was a Blue Heeler.

Now for the first few years of her life Molly lived with her Mum V.
They spent many happy times together - taking long trips in the car;  playing at the beach;  lying on the big bed telling each other secrets.
They were best friends.  Molly loved V and V loved Molly.

Then about 3 years ago something strange happened.
Molly started seeing less and less of V.  She wouldn't get home till late at night and then she would disappear on the weekends.
Molly would look longingly as she drove off down the road in her car.
She wondered what she had done wrong and what she could do to make V like her again.

One day a new person came to live in the house.  His name was S and although he seemed like a very kind person - he paid no attention to Molly.  
Molly tried hard to impress S.  She wagged her tail whenever he appeared in the back yard.
She ran around chasing balls and sticks and brought them back to him.
She always used her best manners at meal times.
Try as she might - she could not get S to be her friend.

 But Molly could tell that V liked S a lot!

So Molly spent her days laying on the back verandah looking through the big glass doors to where V & S were sitting.  She wished she could go inside and lay on the big bed again with V.
She felt very lonely.  She felt very alone.

Then V & S got a new baby.
Molly would have loved to play with the new baby but whenever V brought the baby outside into the garden - V would scold her and say "Molly - Keep away from the baby!!"

Molly couldn't understand - she was confused.
All she could do was lay on her lonely little bed and watch the clouds roll by -
day after day..... after day...... after day......

Just before Christmas V & S (and the baby) drove off in the car - but this time they didn't come home - not even when it was dark.
Molly was frightened. She hated being by herself.  She was so scared of thunder and lightening!

Next minute she saw car lights in the drive but it wasn't V & S (and the baby) - it was another person - someone Molly didn't know

This new person opened up the big glass doors and called out her name - "Molly, Molly - come here girl!"
This person had a lovely happy voice.
She was also very pretty and had a HUGE bone in her hand.  Molly liked this new person.

She had long golden hair and a really nice smile and when Molly rolled on her back she rubbed her tummy and stroked her head.

She told Molly her name was Kendall and she would be looking after her while  V and S (and the baby) were away.

Kendall let Molly come inside (through the big glass doors) and let her lay on the mat beside the chair.
She told Molly "She was a good girl!" 
Molly wagged her tail and laughed.  She WAS a VERY good girl.

Kendall and Molly went on long, long walks along the track beside the creek. 
She took her for rides in the car;  she gave her yummy doggy treats and big bones to chew on.

For two weeks they talked and talked and talked and had such fun together.

And then Kendall left.

V and S(and the baby) came home.

Molly was alone again.

The weeks went by and then one day Molly heard Kendall's voice in the house.
She was so excited to see her again and pressed her nose against the big glass doors, wagging her tail and laughing....
"Kendall, Kendall.....I'm here Kendall!   PLEASE come and give me a pat and tummy rub!"

Next minute Kendall was there - patting her head and telling her what a good girl she was.

Molly licked her hands....licked her feet..... licked her face....licked her hair......
She was so pleased to see Kendall again.

Then Kendall bent down,  cradled Molly's face in her hands - looked into her deep brown eyes (with their short little white eyelashes) and said the sweetest words she had heard in a very long time :

"Would you like to came and live at my place Molly?"

Molly wagged and wagged and wagged her tail.......
and laughed and laughed and laughed.........

And then she jumped in the back of Kendall's car.

Now Molly is living at Kendall's house with Kendall's Mum and Dad and a whole new family of brothers and sisters

Who look just like her! 

 Molly loves being able to run around in the big paddocks.......
She loves going for walks with Kendall's Mum and Dad and her new brother and sister.

She loves the beautiful dinners Kendall's Mum makes her......

But most of all............

She just loves being with Kendall .....

telling each other secrets!


  1. Oh Sharyne you should have warned me that I needed tissues before reading this lovely post! I'm SO happy for Molly and for all of you...she truly has found a wonderful home! I just don't understand how people can fall out of love with their pets, but I know it happens! I'm glad for Molly's sake that she's found a forever home where she will always know love!

    Kat :)

  2. What a beautiful story... with such a happy ending. Molly is blessed to have you all. A-M xx PS. Have located prize. Will be on it's way tomorrow! A-M xx


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