Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crystal Clear


So here we are - Day 2 of my 7 Tasks in 7 Days Challenge!

Now there is no way this task is a particularly enjoyable one.  In fact, of all the jobs that need to be done around the place these holidays - this is the LEAST enjoyable.

However the sad reality is - someone has to do it (and that someone is me!)

Given the large number of windows here in the Valley - it does end up being quite a task.

I absolutely LOVE louvre windows. 

Nothing says the Tropics and Coastal Living better than louvres.
When we first designed this house - top of list of "Must Haves" was louvre windows.

There is nothing better than throwing open all the louvres and letting those cool breezes waft through the house.  The cross ventilation and natural cooling (to my way of thinking)  is so much better than air conditioning.

BUT  they are a pain to clean!
Over the years I have read many tips and tricks on how to clean windows and how to make them
crystal clear.

I've tried newspaper, vinegar, bleach + all manner of commercial cleaning products.
However I always end up coming back to my good ol' tried and tested friend - WINDEX and a whole heap of elbow grease!

8:45 a.m. -  enough of these delay tactics......

C'mon Mr WINDEX  - we have a job to do!!

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  1. This is definitely one of the jobs I avoid doing as well...thankfully my children enjoy it :)
    Happy cleaning, your windows will be sparkling before you know it.

  2. I love louvres too as you know. Good on you for tackling all your jobs in the holidays.
    Have a great week
    Best Carolyn

  3. I've never seen glass louvres windows. They are beautiful! Truly! I can see why you love them. I hate the smell of vinegar and refuse to clean my house with it. I know all the benefits and it's earth friendly, but no thanks. Hope you and Mr. Windex make it through :)


  4. Do you have e-cloths over there? They're micro-fibre cleaning cloths. You have 2 in a set and use one slightly damp with just water, and the other one to dry and they are ,seriously, miracle-workers on windows. My window-cleaning efforts were always streaky before...but no longer!!!


  5. I am with Sarah on this one. I have microfiber cloths, two in a set, from a company called Norwex and I haven't bought glass cleaner or 409 general surface stuff in more than a year. I have two kids and two dogs which equals lots of dirty windows from muddy paws on the oustide to sticky fingers on the inside!

  6. Perhaps you can come and do my window next? :) What a great job to have crossed off your list - enjoy those sparkling windows x

  7. Hey, I was thinking re: your post on my blog re: my post on your blog =)....about the e-cloths....they aren't just for windows! I used mine for EVERYTHING! Kitchen....bathtub, floors....and I use just water with them! I know it sounds yucky, but really! The Norwex cloths have silver inside which kills bacterial.....the microfiber pulls up the yuck, and the silver core kills the yuck. The only thing I do is have a special color just for use in the bathroom....that just grosses me out!


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