Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a Woman on a Mission!

Day 1 of the school holidays and I am a woman on a mission!

There will be no rest for me these holidays - no Siree!   No long leisurely curling up on the couch with a catching up with friends for coffee and retail therapy.........

I have set myself a task (well, a series of tasks actually) and I absolutely determined to complete each and every one of them.     So - here is my ingenious plan.

By committing my plan to paper (Blogland and the world!) - it will be virtually impossible for me to fail - right, eh?    Every day I will do a wrap up of what I achieved and then list what my task will be for the next day.  Brilliant (I know!)

So here I go........
7 TASKS in 7 DAYS!


You see that lilac creeper delicately sunning itself in the first rays of early morning sunlight.

Well, that is Bougainvillea and it is the scourge of my life!  
When I first came to live in the Valley just over 14 years ago - I made the mistake of planting a number of these beautiful tropical creepers.  Big Mistake!!

Bougainvillea (and some other tropical vine which I have yet to discover the name of?) has virtually taken over my garden and it just has to go! 

Just look at this horrible vine literally choking the life out of my glorious Crotons.  Begone with you!

So my task today (Day 1) is to Tame the Jungle!

My tools of trade are ready and waiting - gloves, secateurs, long handle loppers, brushcutter, chainsaw and long sleeved shirt!  (The thorns on the bougainvillea are seriously lethal!)

Time : 8.30 a.m. (I'm already 1 hour late!).  Off to do battle.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see how Day 1 went and to find out what my task for Day 2 is!

Wish me luck!

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  1. I think in amongst all those tasks you deserve to set a little time aside to indulge in some YOU time :)

    Happy jungle taming

  2. Good luck with your gardening challenge. Be sure to add some 'me' time into each day too, you need to feel like you've actually had a holiday at the end of it :) That lovely outdoor table is begging to be sat at with a cuppa x


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